After reaching chapter 9 all of the characters will have new objectives so you may want to take a look at their To Do lists or journals before proceeding. The will each have one new item. Ransome has the I’m Sorry Card, Reyes¬†has Chuck’s Confession, Ray has the Game of the Year Award and Delores a Balloon Animal.

Agent Reyes

Fast travel to A St. and go to the Nickel News. Talk to Natalie and tell her that “Chuck framed my¬†father for the factory fire”.

Ransome the Clown

Fast travel to Main St. and enter the S&D Diner. Talk to Sandy and tell her that you have something for her. She’ll send Ransome into a flashback. This time around when you make jokes use the good-natured response and Ransome’s quest will be complete.

Agent Reyes

Fast travel to the Hotel. Go into the convention and speak with Gary Winnick by the computer. Pick up the Dependency Chart just underneath the computer.

That ends Agent Ray’s quest.

Franklin’s Ghost

Take the elevator to the Penthouse and talk to Xavier. Stand up to him and then Franklin will take the Crystal. Walk into the secret room.


Fast travel to the Hotel and take the lift to the Penthouse. Enter the secret room and speak with Franklin.

After the chat Franklin will move on from this world. Fast travel to the Bridge and walk to the body. Use the Animal Balloon with the corpse. The game will change.

Walk to the left to the highway. Walk to the right and have a look around. When you are done walk to the right, past the Quickie Pal and up to the Vista. Fast travel to the Factory, although you can visit the other places if you wish.

Outside the factory open the gate and go inside. Go through the big doors, up the second door and through the blast doors to the right.

Follow the path through until you get to the fan. Go through the fan and walk into the opening of the wireframe PillowTron computer. Use all of the wireframe tubes to push them all in and win the game! You’ll need to push the last one in a few times before Delores will actually do it.

Congratulations on completing Thimbleweed Park. It’s been a long journey but you made it!