Walk down the ladder to the lower part of the factory.

Walk to the left and then open the panel on the side of the computer system. Look at the control panel. You can’t do anything yet without a manual.

Fast travel to the Edmund Mansion and go into the library. Use the IndexTron 3000 to locate the “Programming the SR-01”, which is in section 2.1. Find the book and read it.

Robots can be shut down by jumpering the red jumper at E23, the green jumper at D34 and the blue jumper at A45. Fast travel back to the factory and change the jumpers at the SR-01 control panel.

Bring all 4 characters down to the lower level of the factory.


Walk through the factory to the drinking fountain. Use the Offiss Key to open the office door to the left.

Inside the office pick up the Pirate Hat on the hat stand and use the Hat. Pick up the Used Glass and the Journal from the table. Look at the Journal. Bring Ransome the Clown to the office and get him to give the Silbury Hacker Boot Disk to Delores. Use the Disk on the terminal.

Bring Agent Reyes to Delores and give the Used Glass to Agent Reyes but he won’t be able to fingerprint the glass at the moment because the Fingerprint Kit has run out of powder.

Ransome the Clown

Go to the fountain and place the C4 Explosives on the blast door. Use the Candy Dispenser on the C4. Walk into the corridor behind the blast door.


Go into the office and use the terminal. It will ask for a password. Fast travel to the Edmund Mansion and pick up some Black Soot from the fireplace. Bring Agent Reyes to the Mansion and give the Black Soot to Reyes.

Agent Reyes

Use Black Soot on the Used Glass. Fast travel to A St. and visit the US Post Office. Pick up some more Sticky Tape. Use Sticky Tape on the Glass with Fingerprints. Fast travel back to the Mansion and give the Sticky Tape with the Fingerprint to Delores.


Enter the mansion and go to Uncle Chuck’s room. Use the Fingerprint on the Fingerprint ReaderTron 3000 on the safe that was behind the painting. Pick up the Book inside the safe and then look at the book for a list of passwords.

Fast travel to the Factory and look at the terminal. Use the password that was in the book HU96N4DGDY9X. Have a look at the factory status to see that the Robot hall and Laser hall are both Deadly.

Play the Adventure (Chuck mod) game. Remember the Hint Book that you found at the convention?

Colossal Dungeon Cave Quest II

Go west.
Look around.
Go west.
Go north.
Say “fizzscumm”

The computer will reboot. That’s the end of the chapter!

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