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The four Time Gates are located on the southern edge of the continent and the only item of interest, Shadowguard Castle, is in the center. The castle is surrounded by mountains with the only entrance from the north.

When you enter the castle you’ll be attacked by several Daemons and Balrons. Minax herself can be found in the northeast chamber. She’s guarded by two Balrons. One of them is invincible.

When you approach Minax use the Strange Coin to negate time and keep the Balrons away from you. When you hit Minax she’ll teleport to chamber one in the southwest corner of the castle.

Run down to the other chamber and whack her again. She’ll teleport back up to the northeast. Continue this a few times until she’s defeated.

Congratulations on completing Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress!

Locations in Time of Legends

Towns and Castles

Castle Shadow Guard

Time Gates (From left to right)

Time Gate 1 –> Pangea (North)

Time Gate 2 –> 1423 BC (Russia)

Time Gate 3 –> 1990 AD (England)

Time Gate 4 –> 2112 AD (North America)

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