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Act I A Time for Heroes

1) Alleria’s Journey

The first mission for the Human Campaign is not difficult but you will need to find 2 Heroes and bring them to the circle. You begin with the hero Alleria. She’s an archer with range almost as long as a Ballista and she does a ton of damage.

Make your way to the west and you’ll find the Mercenary called Danath. Bring your army to the river to the north and make your way along it to the east. Use Alleria to take out the ships in the river. Keep the Peasant alive and get him chopping wood. You’ll need to make a Transport ship later.

Head back through the gap in the rocks and continue along the river to the west until you come to the Shipyard. Use Alleria to destroy the enemy ships and build a Transport. Take your troops over the river and you’ll find the Paladin Turalyon behind the row of trees to the north.

Hop back on the Transport and sail down the river to the east. Disembark on the northern side and make your way to the circle in the northeast corner to complete the mission.

2) The Battle for Nethergarde

You begin the map in the southwest corner with the remains of the Human base being destroyed by the Orcs in the center of the map. Head northeast and set up a new base by the Gold Mine.

Send your army north through the pass and wipe out the Red Orcs. If you move towards them immediately you’ll catch them before they have a time to build up a large army.

Now that you have 2 Gold Mines under your control build up an army of Knights and Mages. Send them out to wipe out the rest of the Orcs to complete the mission.

3) Once More Unto the Breach

You begin with an established base on the southern edge of the map. Begin training Peasants to get your economy going and send your army north across the river and then east to the Orange Orc camp.

Build a few more Ballista and take out the Guard Towers as you carefully push through the camp. Keep your Knights and Footmen back to protect the Ballista. Destroy the Towers, the Barracks and the Town Hall first and then establish another base here. You only need to destroy the Orc Fortress in the north so there’s no need to destroy all the Orc structures.

Take your Ballista north to the river to shoot down the enemy ships. Build Gryphon Aviaries and a Shipyard on the river. Use Gryphons to clear out the Orc Towers and destroy the Fortress to the north. Send over the hero Turalyon to claim the Dark Portal to complete the mission.

Act II Draenor, The Red World

4) Beyond the Dark Portal

5) Upon the Shadowed Seas

6) The Fall of Auchindoun

Act III War in the Shadows

7) Deathwing

8) Coast of Bones

9) The Heart of Evil

Act IV The Measure of Valor

10) Siege of Vanguard

11) Dance of the Laughing Skull

12) The Bitter Taste of Victory

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