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The last part of Geralt’s story begins when you select “We split up at the monastery” when speaking with Roche. It begins after escaping from the dragon. With the main gate to the monastery locked you’ll need to find an alternative passage somewhere in the main grounds. You can search all of the houses for some extra loot.


  1. Main Gate & Starting Location
  2. Temerian Soldiers
  3. Commander
  4. La Valette Soldiers
  5. Wooden Barricade
  6. Well Leading to the Sewers
  7. Monastery
  8. The Solar

Walk down the steps and keep to the left to see a Temerian soldier kill a civilian (#2). You can ignore them or intervene and try to defend the civilians. During the dialogue with the soldiers you can use Intimidate, Persuasion or the Axii sign to convince them to leave. The civilians will offer you their thanks. You can ask for money and recieve 10 Orens but you’ll get fewer experience points.

The Commander (#3) and a few of his soldiers are also harassing the civilians. Once again you can intervene or ignore them. If you intervene you’ll need to fight the Commander. Once he’s down to about 40% health he’ll beg for mercy. You can accept the thanks of the civilians locked in the house or demand Orens for less experience points.

Make your way to the north of the grounds (#4) and take out a group of 5 La Valette soldiers. Once you defeat them you’ll see soldiers blocking the alley from the other side with a cart. You’ll need to find another way around.

At #5 there’s a barrier blocking the alley but this one can be destroyed with the Aard sign. On the other side is the well (#6) guarded by 3 soldiers. Kill them and then head down the well. Walk to the other side of the area under the well and drop down once more into the sewers.


  1. Entrance from the Well
  2. Place of Power – Circle of Vitality
  3. Breakable Wall
  4. Exit

You’ll enter the Sewers from the Well (#1) and there’s a nearby Place of Power (#2) that gives +2 Vitality regeneration outside of combat and +1 Vitality regeneration while in combat. There’s a few Drowners around here but they aren’t hard to kill. It’s not worth using a Cat potion for this small section.

You’ll find a wooden barrier (#3) that can be destroyed using the Aard sign. On the other side you’ll have to face a few more Drowners. When you are done here climb up the Ladder (#4) which leads up to one of the towers of the castle.

To the Solar

  1. Exit from Sewers and 3 Soldiers
  2. Entrance to Inner Courtyard
  3. Inner Courtyard
  4. Monastery
  5. The Solar

After making your exit from the Sewers (#1) you’ll have to battle 3 Soldiers. Using the Axii sign to charm one of them will turn this into a 2 vs 2 battle. Continue through the Gate (#2) to the Inner Courtyard (#3). Take note of the locked door in this room. You’ll come back here once you find the key.

There’s a tough battle here with a large Soldier wielding a two-handed sword, a Shield Bearer and 3 regular Soldiers. Take out the smaller soldiers first while staying out of range of the large soldier. Once the rest are taken care of kill the large soldier and search his body for a Key. Backtrack to the Gate (#2) and use the Key to open the locked door. Inside is a Chest with Gauntlets and a Winch that opens the large gate.

Head back to the Inner Courtyard to meet Foltest. Have a chat with him to end this section and return to the conversation with Roche in the Dungeon.

After the short dialogue you’ll be back with Foltest in the Monastery (#4). Speak with the Archpriest and Tailles. If you use the Axii sign on the Archpriest he may reveal the location of the royal children.

If you take your time to explore the rooms here you may find crafting materials and a book on Nekkers in one of the chests. When you are done meet Foltest on the bridge leading to the Solar (#5).

After speaking with Foltest the Dragon will attack again. It looks like Roche gets killed but Geralt and Foltest will run across the bridge. You will need to swing your sword when the Dragon attacks at the other end of the bridge to stick your Silver Sword into its mouth.

The tower on the other side of the bridge is the Solar (#5). Make your way up the stairs and watch as the drama unfolds. A monk enters the Solar and speaks with Foltest. He soon reveals himself as a Witcher and murders the King. Before Geralt can reach him he jumps out the window. The guards, seeing the murdered King in the arms of Geralt assume he’s the murderer. The scene will end with Geralt back in the Dungeon being questioned by Roche.

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