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The Prologue takes place in Kaer Morhen and White Orchard. It’s at Kaer Morhen where you’ll be able to practice your skills and become more familiar with combat and casting signs. You begin in one of the Guest Rooms of Kaer Morhen. Use your Witcher senses to look around the room. Anything that glows yellow you can interact with and anything that glows red is a quest item.

Talk to Yennefer if you want and then pick up the Key. Use it to unlock the door and then head down the stairs for a chat with Vesimir. You’ll be discussing Ciri’s training.

Make your way down to where Ciri is training and if you want accept her challenge to race her back to the central courtyard. She runs quite slow so it’s not difficult to win.

When you reach the central courtyard speak with Vesimir again. You can either skip the basic combat tutorial or practice your skills. If you skip the tutorial you can still have a practice fight with Vesimir. If you haven’t played any of the previous Witcher games I recommend going through the basics of swordplay and then having a practice fight with Vesimir until you feel confident.

Once you’ve finished with the training a cut-scene will begin. This signals the end of this quest.

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