Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is the fourth in this popular horror series and continues the story from the point of view of either Edward Carnby or Aline Cedrac.

Carnby’s is called to investigate the murder of his best friend off the coast of Shadow Island. He brings with him Aline Cedrac, a young university professor searching for her father. While flying over the coast of Shadow Island their plane runs into trouble and they both parachute to the ground.

When you begin the game Edward and Aline are separated. Aline begins on the roof and Edward in the forest. After the cut-scene select which character you’d like to play. The walkthrough below will be based on the journey of Edward Carnby. For Aline Cedrac’s point of view see her walkthrough.

Edward Carnby Walkthrough

Space – Fire/Action
A – Run
I – Inventory
M – Map
R – Radio
S – Flashlight
LShift – Free Look
LCtrl – Aim


After the cut-scene you’ll land in the forest outside the manor. Aline has landed elsewhere but you’ll catch up with her later. Head down the screen and follow the forest path. Aline will call you on the radio.

Continue along the path, under a fallen tree and through an archway. On Carnby’s left you’ll notice blood on the steps. Walk up the steps and talk to the man. After the conversation pick up the Bronze Key from the floor and leave the building.

Continue along the path and you’ll hear gunshots behind you. Use the Bronze Key to open the locked gate and go through. After the cut-scene pick up the Box of Bullets. Go through the archway and then through the gate to Carnby’s left. Down this path you’ll find two Boxes of Bullets and a First-Aid Kit. Two Rottweilers will run past you. Just ignore them. When you are done go back the way you came and then head up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs a Dog will start chasing you. You can save ammo but running away from it. Run to the left. Follow the passage around. More Dogs will start chasing you, four in total. Run up the next set of stairs on Carnby’s left and the Dogs will leave you alone.


Head up the stairs on Carnby’s right. Try to open the gate. It’s locked but you’ll get a short cut-scene. As you walk back down the stairs Aline will call again. Continue down the path to the right.

Run past the Hell Hound and down the stairs to another gate. This one is unlocked so quickly open it and run through. Continue to the right and activate the Valve. This lowers the water level in the water tank.

Flooded Passages

Run back the way you came and down the stairs into the water tank. Another Hell Hound will spawn in so you may need to dodge around it. Go through the exit at the bottom and wade through the flooded passage. When you reach the large room a Crocodile will jump up behind you. Turn around and shoot. You’ll need to shoot it six times to kill it.

Go through the opening in the far right corner and climb up the ladder at the end of the thin passage. Continue forwards and climb up the platform on the left. One the floor you’ll find a Charm of Saving. Go through the door and head up the stairs to the basement.


Walk to the left side and pick up the Cartridges and Bullets from the crate. On the desk you’ll find a First-Aid Kit and leaning on the cabinet you’ll find a Triple-Barreled Shotgun. Explore the other side of the room and open the casket. After Carnby gets a scare take the Gilded Key. Use the Key to open the nearby gate and head up the stairs.

Manor Lobby (Ground Floor)

When you enter Aline will radio you. After the call the lights will turn off and a Hell Hound will attack. Kill it and run to the other side of the room and turn on the lights using the light switch on the wall between the double-doors and desk.

Look around the room until you find a bust near to a tall mirror. Examine the bust and then push it in front of the mirror. You can see in the mirror letters written on the back of the bust “HR”. Look at the bust and use the mechanism. Enter HR into the mechanism and you’ll hear the sound of a portrait unlocking upstairs.


Run up the stairs and head towards the cabinet to the right. Aline will radio and tell you she can hear you. First examine the portrait to the left to find a Rusty Key. Then push aside the cabinet to free the door to where Aline was locked up.


After helping Aline up through the trapdoor in the roof take a look around the room. On the desk you’ll find a Statue and a Dictaphone and on the nightstand you’ll find a Diary with ‘A’ on the front. Read it for important clues about the Morton family. Listen to the Dictaphone and take note of the first four words, Ogalai, Hypor, Harnis and Korna. They’re a clue to solving the stone puzzle later.


Exit through the door you entered back to the landing at the top of the stairs. Examine the rest of the portraits up here. They all have some kind of locking mechanism. You’ll need to figure out how to unlock the other three. Walk down the stairs to the lobby.


At the bottom of the stairs turn right and go through the double-doors.


Edenshaw will approach you. He claims to be the guardian of the island. He tells you to go to the library and gives you a Charm of Saving. Head down the corridor to Carnby’s right and turn on the lights. Continue forwards and open the last door at end of the corridor. Kill the Zombies and go through the door at the end of the hall to the right.

East Office

Turn on the lights. The switch is by the door. Explore this room to find a Obed’s Doctorate, Cartridges, a First-Aid Kit, Painting of a Megalithic Site, a Science Magazine with information about Obed’s research, a Flask, Obed’s Journal, a Book on the Abkanis Amerindians, the Will and Testament of Richard Morton, and finally a Crowbar on a crate.

Fill up the Flask with water from the Amphora. Unlock the single door by the cabinet and go through. This leads back out to the lobby. Go through the double-doors again and turn to Carnby’s left. Go through the door to the left of the stairs. Run around or kill the Zombie and go through the door marked HM.

West Office

A small spider or two might attack while you’re searching this room. Take the Bullets and Cartridges from the table. Look around for a Charm of Saving, a Photograph and a Wolf Mask. Look at the Photograph and then look at the display case. They look similar. Use the Flask with the display case as shown in the photo. Another one of the portraits will unlock.


Leave the way you came and continue down the hall to a dead end. In a drawer around the corner you’ll find a First-Aid Kit and there’s more Cartridges on the floor. Head back the other way you came and make your way back to the lobby. You can always use the Map if you get lost. The room or corridor you are in is highlighted. Doors are in green and locked doors are in red.

From the lobby head up the stairs to the first floor landing.


Examine the explorer portrait to find a Gilded Key. This one says “GRD F EAST”. Perhaps this means “ground floor east”.

Head down the stairs and go through the double doors leading to the corridor. Run down the hall to the east (Carnby’s right). Go through the door at the end and run to the end of the corridor. Use the Gilded Key from the portrait to open the door to the north.

Smoking Room

A Hellhound will attack as soon as you enter. Shoot it twice with the shotgun to kill it. Pick up the First-Aid Kit from the bookshelf and the Small Gilded Key from the coffee table. Examine the Owl Statue. It looks a little strange. Turn off the lights and then examine the Owl Statue again. This time you can clearly see the outline of a wolf. Use the Wolf Mask to cover the statue. A hole will open in the plinth revealing a Steel Key.

Leave the room the way you came and run back to the west. Continue past the double doors and past the stairs. Pick up the Cartridges on the desk. Open the door just next to it and run up the spiral staircase. Go through the door up the top to the attic.


Turn on the lights just to the left and pick up the Grenade Launcher across from the door. Make your way up the screen and around to the right. Aline will call on the radio. Use the Small Rusty Key to unlock the door up here and go through.


Quickly pick up the Cartridges and the Lighter from the desk in the corner. Ignore the tough creatures and head out through the other door.

Location of loose floorboards… When your footsteps sound a little hollow use the Crowbar. Carnby will lift up a couple of the floorboards revealing a Small Key and a Small Gilded Key. Location is shown below.

Run down the hall and open the door on the other side. Run around to Carnby’s left and open the next door. As you enter you’ll get a cut-scene of spiders crawling around. They can be killed with a single shot. Walk forwards and pick up the box of Cartridges and Bullets. Use the Lighter on the candle around the corner. You’ll notice a draft coming through the wall. Use the Crowbar on the wall to break through to the other side.

Kill or run past the tough creatures and run to the end of the hall. There’s a First-Aid Kit at the end of the hall to the right. Open the door nearby to the bedroom and go in to talk to Lucy.

Leave the room and run to the other side of the hallway. Use the Small Gilded Key to open the door to the spiral staircase. Walk down to the landing half-way down and go through the door.

1st Floor Corridor

When you enter this dark corridor Aline will call you on the radio. After talking to her quickly go through the door to Carnby’s left.

Alan’s Office

Turn on the lights and then pick up the First-Aid Kit to Carnby’s right. Walk up the steps and take a look at the desk. Use the Small Key to unlock the drawer. Inside is a Large Ornate Key. Read the book marked ‘A’ and pick up Half a Photo from the desk. Examine the photo and turn it around to see some numbers on the back. It’s part of a clue for later.

1st Floor Corridor

Leave the office and make your way all the way around to the east. The corridor will end in a locked door. Use the Steel Key to unlock the door and go through.

East Bedroom

Quickly turn on the lights and the creatures in the room will disappear. Search the room to find the other Half of a Photo from the desk. Read the Scroll and another Book by the bed. On the bookshelf you’ll find some Cartridges and on the table is a Large Ornate Key.

In your inventory combine the two halves of the photo together and look at the back. You’ll see “1408 + 2518”. The answer, 3926, will give you the code to a puzzle in the library.

1st Floor Corridor

Leave the bedroom and head back west along the corridor. Pass the double doors leading to the landing with the portraits and enter the next room.

West Bedroom

When you approach the bed you’ll be attacked by monstrous tentacles. You only need to use the revolver to shoot the lamp above the bed. The lamp will explode and set fire to the creature.

Once the bed is clear search the dresser for a Rocket Launcher and 3 Boxes of Cartridges. Search the fireplace for a Charm of Saving and First-Aid Kit.

1st Floor Corridor

Go back to the corridor and head east past the double doors. Use the Ornate Key to open the double doors leading to the north. This opens out to the library.


When you enter the library Aline will radio. Read the books on the desk and the pedestal.

Climb the stairs on the left side and pick up the box of Rockets. Head around the walkway to the other side and look at the console. It has four dials. Remember the answer to the sum of the numbers on the back of the photo? Turn the dials to this number, 3926. A bookshelf will open behind you, revealing a secret room.

Enter the secret room and pick up the Telescope. Use your Statue on the collection of statues on the wall. This opens a secret compartment and you’ll grab an Abkanis Statue. There’s a console at the back but you don’t know the code yet. Examine the back left side of the room to find a backwards message. It tells you that the birth dates of the people in the portraits are important.

Leave the secret room and climb up the next set of stairs. Head up the ladder to the outside. Walk along the ledge, kill the Hellhound and then climb up into the observatory.

Use the Telescope on the mount in the window and look through it. Look around until you see a window with some number written above it. Zoom in to read the numbers, 1692.

Return to the library and enter the secret room behind the bookshelf. Use the console and press the numbers 1692. Another portrait on the 1st floor landing will be unlocked.

To unlock the fourth portrait you’ll need to push four books in a particular order. They are dotted around the library. Read the last page of Richard Morton’s Will and Testament for a clue as to where they’re located.

The first book as on the third floor at the very end of the walkway. The second book is on the first floor just past the double doors. The third book is on the bookshelf just at the base of the stairs. The fourth and last book is on the third floor, about half-way around the walkway.

As you’re climbing up the stairs for the last book you’ll be attacked by a winged creature. To kill it you need to fire at him once so he curls up. When he opens up again shoot him a second time. This time it’ll take damage and fly away. You’ll need to do this a number of times, perhaps 8+. Eventually the creature will die and you can run up to the last book.

Leave the library and run back to the portraits on the first floor landing.

First Floor Landing

Examine the two portraits you unlocked by completing puzzles in the library. One of them has a Plasma Cannon and a Small Bronze Key and the other has a Metal Plate. When you examine the metal plate you’ll see four symbols written on it.

The four portraits will reveal another mechanism. This time you’ll be able to enter a number, the birth dates of the people in the portraits. From left to right enter these dates, 1852, 1874, 1899 and 1931. Once the dates are entered correctly a clock downstairs will open, revealing key.

Head downstairs and pick up the Ornate Bronze Key. Use it to unlock the large double doors leading outside.


When you step outside run to your left (Carnby’s right) to an open shed. Pick up the 3 First-Aid Kits and a Gas Cartridge. Return to the steps leading up to the mansion and take the path opposite to a gate. Use the Small Bronze Key to open the gate.

From here you’re back in the area you passed towards the beginning of the game. Run back to the left and make your way to the starting area in the forest. Continue along until you find a locked gate.

Look at the Metal Plate in your inventory and take note of the four symbols. Enter these symbols into the lock mechanism to open the gate.


The decapitated body of one unfortunate individual is clinging to the other side of the gate. Search the body for 2 First-Aid Kits and a Gas Cartridge. Quickly run over the bridge dodging all the creatures along the way. Run up the stairs on the left to the stone circle.

Stone Circle

Examine the large stone directly opposite the stairs. This is the north stone. Radio Aline to let her know what you’ve found. She asks if something is carved into it. Radio her back. Aline will ask you to check out a number of other stones. Radio her back after examining each one.

Walk to the east stone and click on it to cast the spell. The words for the incantation can be heard on the Dictaphone that you found earlier. They are O Goul’ai, Hypor, Harnis, Korna. Something will appear on the center stone, a Stone Stele and an Abkanis Statue.

Go back down the steps and continue along the path.


Aline will soon radio you and tell you that she needs to meet you. Just up ahead you’ll meet some large Scorpion Creatures. It’s easiest to kill them with your Plasma Cannon. Head through the caves, ignore the ladder too your left for now. You’ll be back here later. Continue forwards to a swamp.

Look at your map to see the two exits from the swamp. There’s one to the west and one to the north. Zombies will rise up out of the swamp but if you’re quick you should have no trouble running around them.

Take the exit to the west and climb into the plane. Grab the Pliers, 3 First-Aid Kits, Blue Lens and a Box of Rockets. Talk to the pilot and then quickly escape the plane before it sinks.

Run back to the main swampy area and take the exit to the north. As you pass under the arch you’ll be attacked by a Giant Scorpion. Run over the wooden bridge and continue forwards until you see Aline. You’ll give here the Stone Disc and she’ll give you a Seal.

Head back over the bridge and approach the chapel.


Use the Pliers to break the chain on the door and go through. Pick up the First-Aid Kit to Carnby’s right and the Box of Rockets up the steps. Read the Book by the door and then take a look at the console by the wall. You need to know what symbols to press.

Open your inventory and attach the Blue Lens to the Torch. Look at the door and notice the symbol. Head outside and run back over the wooden bridge. Shine the torch on the large rock for the second symbol.

Run back over the bridge and retrace your steps back through the swamp. Climb up the ladder into a small cave. Shine the torch on the wall of the cave for the third symbol. Once you have the three symbols you can remove the Blue Lens from your Torch. Pick up the Rockets and then climb back down the ladder.

Make your way back to the chapel and examine the console. Press the three symbols, a pentagram, the cross and circle and a pitchfork. The altar will slide across revealing a stairway leading down. Head down the stairs to an underground area.


Move forwards down the corridor and use the Seal on the device by the swinging doors. The doors will spin once so you can walk through. There is another receptacle on this side. You’ll need a different seal to open the other passage.

Follow the only path forwards and go through the door. You’ll hear screaming coming from the other side. Continue through the cell room and go forwards when you get to the intersection. There’s a Charm of Saving on the table to the right which you can pick up now or leave for when you come back this way.

Continue into the next room and you’ll see Alan. He’ll switch off all the lights and run through a door which he bars behind him. Aline will call and tell you she has a map of the area. Walk up to the barred door and look at it. Radio Aline to let her know you can’t get through.

You’ll need to pull three levers to turn on various device and overload the power. Follow the wall to the left for the first Lever. Make your way back to the start of the cell room, and pull the second Lever just by the door. Turn around and at the intersection take a right. In this room you’ll find the third Lever. A door will open nearby.

Go through the door and read the two Letters on the table. Continue past the table and through the next door. As you’re walking down the stairs Aline will radio to let you know she’s opened a trapdoor leading up to the greenhouse.

Continue down the corridor and then up the long set of spiralling stairs. Spiders will drop down and start chasing you. Just ignore them and keep running. Once you reach the top there are two exits here, one straight ahead and one to the left. Go through the door to the left.

Radio Room

Walk to the back of the room and use the tape recorder to listen to the conversation. Leave the room and go through the other doorway, opposite the stairs.


Walk to Carnby’s right and Edenshaw will approach you. When he disappears you’ll radio Aline. Climb up the ladder to the greenhouse.


Kill the three creatures here and then head to the center of the greenhouse. Head to Carnby’s left to find some Cartridges on a shelf and 3 First-Aid Kits in a locker. Run back to the intersection and continue forwards to a ladder.

Climb the ladder and walk to the left. You’ll notice a strange statue. Walk to the right side of the statue and push it back towards the ladder twice. The statue should have no railing behind it. Walk in front of the statue and push it off the ledge. It will shatter on the ground.

Climb down the ladder and look at the remains. You’ll find a second Seal and another Abkanis Statue.

Now you need to retrace your steps, back down the trapdoor, through the basement and then back through the laboratory to the swinging doors. Use the second Seal on the receptacle to be let through to the side passage.

Abkanis Passages

Follow the tunnel forwards until Aline appears. She’ll read a few inscriptions. Head over the stone bridge and under the archway into a small passage. Examine the trapdoor on the left side to find a stack of goodies, a Lightning Gun, 4 First Aid Kits, Battery Charger and 5 Charms of Saving. The battery charger is used to reload the lightning gun. In the caverns ahead you’ll find crystals that can be used to recharge the battery.

Continue through the passage and when you come out the other side you’ll meet Alan and Edenshaw. After the conversation Carnby will get sucked through the hole into the other world.

World of Darkness

After the vision you’ll find yourself on the edge of a precipice. Walk towards the opening and you’ll radio Aline. Go through the opening and continue forwards through the passage. If you’re not sure where to go remember to check the map to look for exits. From now on you can expect to be attacked by numerous beasts. Keep your gun loaded and the battery charged.

Continue through the passage and you’ll get a short cut-scene of an earthquake. Run down the passage and you’ll soon get another cut-scene of one of the creatures being born. Run in to the nursery and check out the map to see where you need to go.

Make your way around to the southern exit and you’ll enter another cavern. You can head either left or right as you make your way to the next southern exit.

As soon as you enter the next cavern you’ll be attacked by 3 Hell Hounds. Head out the other exit and kill the 2 creatures that immediately attack.

The map for this cavern is shown below.

Make your way to the east and then use the rope to climb across the ledge. Alan will cut the rope when you’re half way across and you’ll fall down to the area below. After calling Aline enter the passage and look around the cave. Examine the body to find a Flask and Photoelectric Pulsar. Read the book and then leave the cave.

Walk to the edge of the left side of the ledge and climb down the rope. Run up the stairs to the top and you’ll get a cut-scene with Alan. When he runs off follow him through the opening.

Run through the passage to the other exit. There’s only one way to go. Once you come out the other side you’ll enter a cavern with a pit in the middle. Walk forwards for a cut-scene with Alan and Aline. Obed will jump into the pit with Alan.

Go through the opening to the north and follow the passage around to a rope. Climb up the rope and then run across the bridge. Johnson will give you a call when you reach the other side.

Run through the tunnel, dodging or killing the Hell Hounds along the way. Go through the exit on the other side to the lava room. Kill the Scorpion creature and then check the map to see where you’re going. Head to the exit to the south.

When you cross the next bridge you’ll be called by Johnson again. Run up the stairs, ignoring the ladder on the right. The ladder leads to the Abkanis Fortress but only Aline needs to visit that area.

Go through the opening at the top into another cavern area. This time you’ll need to make your way to the western exit towards the top of the map. There are a couple of ledges you need to climb up and over along the way.

You’ll come out to a rocky ledge and Aline will radio. As you run forwards a pillar will collapse and form a bridge across the chasm. Run across the pillar to the other side. On Carnby’s right is a pool which you can use to fill the flask with healing water. To Carnby’s left is an opening which leads to the exit from the World of Darkness.

Head to the left and follow the opening to another room. On one side of this room is a table with places for three stone statue heads. One of them has already been placed. You need to find one and Aline will find the third.

Run through the exit towards the top of the screen and climb down the rope.

Battle with Zombie Alan

When you reach the cavern below you’ll see some kind of stone structure with a Statue Head placed on top of it. When you approach it you’ll be attacked by a zombified Alan. He runs pretty quick for a zombie.

Hit him with everything you’ve got. Rockets work well if you have them. Get off a shot, run away to make space and hit him again. It may take about a dozen shots but eventually Alan will drop down stunned for a few seconds. When that happens quickly run to the alcove to the south east and pick up the Spear. Carnby will take over and kill Alan when he gets close.

If you try to approach the spear when Alan is still active he’ll appear in front of you and throw you back. If you fail the first time it shouldn’t take as many shots to stun him for the second time.

When you finally defeat Alan grab the Stone Statue Head and climb back up the rope. Place the Statue Head on the table and Aline will arrive with her statue. When the three statues are placed the door behind the table will open and you can make your escape.

Congratulations on completing Alone in the Dark 4: The New Nightmare. If you enjoyed this game make sure you check out the earlier games in the series, Alone in the Dark, Alone in the Dark 2 and Alone in the Dark 3.