Assassin's CreedAssassin’s Creed originally started out as another Prince of Persia game but the developers switched it over to its own series, Assassin’s Creed, when they realized that having a protagonist who was not a prince would not work for the Prince of Persia series.

Since the original Assassin’s Creed was published by Ubisoft in 2007 there have been another 8 games in the main series and numerous offshoots.

Assassin’s Creed takes place during the third crusade and focuses on the conflict between the Brotherhood and the Knights Templar. You play the role of Desmond, a modern day bartender who has been kidnapped and forced to use the Animus to relive the memories of Altair, one of the Assassins from long ago.

Assassin’s Creed Controls

Assassin’s Creed is a little more complicated than most action games and gives you the option of blending in with the crowd or standing out for more audacious moves. There’s four weapons to choose from and various attacks and movements. Here’s the full list of key controls for the PC.


Movement – W, A, S, D

Blend – Space while walking. Press Space once to blend in with Scholars and Space again to exit.

Run – Right click while walking

Sprint – Space while running (moving while holding right click)

Jump – Press Space while holding right click

Drop – Press Shift while holding on to the edge of a ledge

Grab Ledge – Shift while falling

Gentle Push – Press Shift while moving past someone

Look Around – E

Leap of Faith – Press Space, Right Click and Forwards when at a View Point

Weapons & Attacks

Throwing Knives – 1

Hidden Blade – 2

Sword – 3

Fists – 4

Attack – Left Click

Defend – Hold Right Click

Grab and Throw – Right Click, Shift and push in the direction you wish to throw


Mount – Move towards the horse with W, A, S, D

Dismount – Shift

Attack – Left Click

Rear – Shift

Gentle Walk (Blend) – Space while walking

Trot – Move while holding Right Click

Gallop – Move while holding Right Click + Space

Other Controls

Check Map – Tab

Lock Target – F

Eagle Vision – E while standing still

Synchronization – E while on a view point

Assassin’s Creed Gameplay Tips

  • When you first engage with an enemy hold Right Click to block their first attack.
  • Holding Left Click will perform a slower but stronger attack.
  • Use all your abilities in combat such as Grab. You’ll get more abilities as you progress through the game.
  • Press Tab and use the map to select your destination. This will show up on the mini-map along with the distance.
  • Check where the hay is before performing a Leap of Faith.
  • If you’re in a hurry just gallop onĀ  your horse past all of the soldiers. They’ll never catch up with you.
  • Completing all objectives add a bar of health to your health bar.
  • Press a button during a cutscene when you see a glitch for a different view.
  • When you press Tab to view your map you’ll also get some info on your current objectives.

Assassin’s Creed Walkthrough

Prologue – The first part of the game is basically a walkthrough of the controls. You’ll also be given some info on Desmond and his dilemma.

Memory 1 – After failing in your search for the Ark of the Covenant you return to the castle in Masyaf to meet Al Mualim. You’re then must save the village from the Templars.

Memory 2 – Find the traitor and then head to Damascus to assassinate the Black Market merchant, Tamir.

Memory 3 – Travel to Acre and Jerusalem to eliminate two different targets who are both fairly well defended. Watch out for the archers on the rooftops.

Memory 4 – With the Templars starting a war it’s time to take out the heads of the three cities.

Memory 5 – Head to Damascus and the docks at Acre for the next two assassinations.

Memory 6 – It’s time to finally face Robert de Sable, your last target.

Memory 7 – Head back to Masyaf for the final battle.