Hell’s Fury (Mission 2)

Hell’s Fury is a tricky mission and you’ll need to go fast in the beginning. Move your troops over to the east. Destroy the 2 Turrets and then the Barracks. Split a smaller group off from your main group to deal with flamethrowers otherwise they will wipe out your entire group. Clean up any remaining troops and pick up the money crate. There’s another money crate further east but it’s in range of another 2 Turrets.

You’ll get some reinforcements including and MCV so you can start building your base. Send the tanks over to deal with the turrets and build a Power Plant, Barracks and Refinery.

Build an Engineer to take over the Nod Power Plant. From their build up some Sand Bags to block off the entrance to the north. Nod will send Recon Bikes so it’s easiest to block off the entrance for now.

Next build a Helipad. Once you do a Chinook helicopter will arrive. Make sure the area to the south of where your MCV arrived is clear so that the helicopter can land. Otherwise it will just fly off the map and not come back.

Send an Engineer and 4 Grenadiers/Rocket Infantry into the chopper and take them to the very northern ridge of the map where a flare has been lit. You need to get there quickly before Nod build SAM sites.

Drop off your units and walk them along to the east. Destroy the Turret and any units then smash through the wall. Use your Engineer to take over a Power Plant. Build a Barracks and then use Engineers to take over all of the Power Plants or just sell them off.

Nod may build their Temple of Nod in an area to the south of these Power Plants so get ready to destroy it and stop them building any Nukes. Having these power plants will stop the many Obelisks of Light from working.

The Nod Construction Yard is in the north west base. Build a Weapon’s Factory in the north east and send out Medium Tanks/Mammoth Tanks to take out the enemy forces around it. Either destroy it or take it over with an Engineer.

You can now attack the large central base either from the north or from the south, or both. Place an Advanced Guard Tower at the entrance of your southern base to start dealing with all the Recon Bikes. There is more Tiberium in the center of the map, just below the Nod base.

Build up your forces and roll through the Nod base. Finish of any remaining units to win the mission.

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