The Tiberium Strain (Mission 11)

Your mission is to destroy all of the Bio-Centers in the GDI base and eliminate all GDI forces and civilians in the area. All buildings, except the Bio-Centers, must be left intact.

You begin with 3 Flame Tanks and a number of Chem-Warriors. You’ll want to keep them all alive for as long as possible although you will get a few reinforcements along the way.

Southern Area

Move a Fire Tank south to take out the GDI Infantry. Before going over the crossing to the south send a Flame Tank east to take out a few Grenadiers.

Send the Chem-Warriors over the crossing to take out the Humvee. Bring your Fire Tanks to the south to deal with the Infantry and then a few Chem-Warriors as well to hunt out any civilians.

Continue south throght the village and take out the Humvee. Further south is a tank. Either distract it with a Chem-Warrior and use your Fire Tanks to take it out or just team up with all of your Fire Tanks to kill it.

Eastern Area

Some infantry will get dropped off while you’re cleaning up down south. Bring your units back to take them out and then head across the crossing to the east.

Cross over the bridge to the south and take out another Humvee. Follow the path towards the south. Use a Chem-Warrior to distract another tank and then take it out with your Flame Tanks.

The Bio-Centers

Follow the path along to the south and then the east. Head back up to the north to the GDI base.

Slowly move your Fire Tanks forwards one step at a time as they draw out the enemy forces. When the GDI units stop running out at you send your Fire Tanks in to destroy the 3 Bio-Centers. Stay away from the Advanced Guard Towers in the west.

Once all GDI units, civilians and the 3 Bio-Centers have been destroyed the mission will end.

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