Blindsided (Mission 7)

Your objective is to take over a Nod base and then use it to take over the rest of the Nod bases in the area. You start with one Commando.

South Western Base

Quickly take out the Nod infantry as you head across to the western side. Blow up the Turret and snipe the rest of the infantry around the base. Blow up the two SAM Sites for a Chinook helicopter with 5 Engineers.

Take over the Hand of Nod, Airfield and a Power Plant. The base to the east is quite well defended by you can take it over with a mass of Minigunners. Position your Commando to the entrance o your base and wait for the stream of infantry from the east base.

South Eastern Base

Use your Commando to take out all the Flamethrowers and other infantry. Send all your Minigunners over to the eastern GDI base. Bring an Engineer not to far behind all your infantry.

Run in and take out the Obelisk with your Minigunners. Use your Commando to blow up the Turrets and send your Engineer to take over the Construction Yard. Use another Engineer to take over the Refinery when the Harvester is dropping off Tiberium.

There are two more base in the north. Use Airstrikes to destroy the Construction Yards of both bases. They’re located in the north east and north west of the map.

North Western Base

Build 2 Engineers and put them in the Chinook with 3 Rocket Infantry. Send it to the north western base and drop them off where the Construction Yard was located.

Take over the Silo for some cash and the Power Plant. Build a Hand of Nod so you can train more Engineers to take over the rest of the buildings. Take out the Power Plants before getting to close to the Obelisk guarding the eastern entrance.

North Eastern Base

Sell off the buildings you don’t need but keep one Airfield so you can bulid Recon Bikes. Once you have a group of 8-10 of them send them over to the north eastern base to destroy all the buildings there. If you need cash take 2 Engineers to take over the Silos.

Central Base

Bring all your units down to the central base and destroy all units and buildings here. There is a group of Nod vehicles by the river. You can use an Airstrike to soften them up a little before heading in with your units.

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