Eviction Notice (Mission 10)

Get ready for a tricky mission. You begin with an MCV and some Flame Tanks. Send the MCV and a Flame Tank over to the village to the east. Use the other 5 Flame Tanks to take down the Mammoth and Infantry that get in your way.

While you start with no money you’ll be able to find 6,000 credits in various buildings. There’s a money crate under the church, the building just south of the church and the top right oil rig to the north east of the village.

Securing Your Base

Speed is the issue with this mission. You’ll be attacked quite heavily early on and you’ll have to rush to prepare your defences. The easiest path is to build Sandbags up to block off the north entrance. Then block off the Tiberium Field just to the north west and then the path from the west.

This will give you the Tiberium Field to the south west that you can use while you continue building your defences.

Preparing Your Forces

Send Sandbags around to block off the other entrances to the Tiberium Field to the north west. Eventually you’ll want to block off all the entrances to the eastern side of the map, allowing you to harvest all the Tiberium to the north. Build 4 Refineries and then the Temple of Nod.

A nuclear strike to the north western base will take out all of their fortifications at the entrance or the Construction Yard in the very north west. Send in your forces, around 15 tanks or fire tanks should do, and when the map is clear of GDI forces the mission will end.

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