Ground Zero (Mission 5)

 You start the mission with just 2 Grenadiers and a Minigunner. Your objective is to take the delegates out of the conference before the nuclear strike hits the building.

Take your infantry to the north, taking out the Nod infantry as you go. Curve your way up and around to the left until you meet the Fire Tank.  The Fire Tank will probably take out one of your guys. Send the others to the north and continue to the left. You’ll get some reinforcements in more infantry at this point.

Bring your troops together and take out the Nod Buggy near the Tiberium Field. The Fire Tank should have driven off to the north west. When you catch up with it take it down carefully with your infantry and you’ll be given a Humvee and more troops as a reward.

Take them all over to the delegates outside the building in the north west and bring them all south just before the nuke wipes it out. Keep the delegates protected and wind your way down to the south western corner where the flare was.

You only need one delegate to survive and hop on the chopper to win the mission.

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