Funpark Dinosaur Mission 4

Start by deploying your MCV and building a Power Plant and two Refineries. There are two small Tiberium patches to the north. Build a third Refinery to speed up the gathering of Tiberium.

If you’re playing GDI build the Weapon’s Factory and then the Repair Facility so you can build Mammoth Tanks. If you’re playing Nod you may opt for Flame Tanks.

Take the Tanks north and you’ll quickly be attacked by dinosaurs. When the Tiberium in the near fields runs out send your harvesters to the small Tiberium field to the east.

There is a larger field to the north east but your harvester may be in the path of roaming dinosaurs. Other fields are to the south and south west. Clear the field of any dinosaurs before sending your harvesters in there.

Place your Tanks in the northern part of the map. As the dinosaurs enter the map they’ll target your tanks and leave your base alone.

Send your tanks around to clear out all of the dinosaurs. There are Raptors in the woods to the west and a T-Rex on a small island to the north west. You’ll need an Ion Cannon or Helicopters to take it out.

Once the map is clear of dinosaurs proceed to the next mission.

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