Twist of Fate (Mission 6)

This is one of those missions where don’t get a proper place to build a base. You’ll need to do the best you can placing your buildings along the paths. The objective is to establish a new base and destroy all the Nod forces.

When you begin the mission you may want to slow the speed down so you can work out what’s going on. In the north your 2 Mammoth Tanks and a Medium Tank are being attacked. Bring them together and pull them south just a little bit into the corner. From here you may be able to take out the Nod forces one by one and save both of your Mammoth Tanks.

In the south use your Orcas to take out the Nod tank. Continue fighting off the Nod forces and in a little while an MCV will arrive from the path in the north.

There are two Stealth Tanks hiding in the Tiberium field to the east. Use your Mammoth Tanks to deal with them and then build a base in the north.

Build 3 Refineries and then a Weapon’s Factory. First take over the Communications Center and Power Plants in the north west. Place Guard Towers at the front to protect them.

Nod has a small central base and then a larger base to the south west. The central base shouldn’t be too hard to take over with a few Mammoth Tanks and Engineers.

The main base is a little harder to break through. Bring in a group of Mammoth Tanks and Engineers in an APC towards the northern entrance to their base. Create a distraction with your units and use an Ion Strike to take out the Obelisk on the northern side. Send in the Engineers to take over their Power Plants. This should disable the Obelisks.

Start building Turrets and work your way through the Nod base until all units are destroyed. The Nod Construction Yard is in the south western side of their base.

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