Deceit (Mission 9)

Your objective is to sneak into one of the Nod bases that has been cut off by GDI forces. Reclaim the base and destroy all GDI forces.

Taking Back Your Base

You start the mission with 2 Commandos and an Engineer. Move carefully to the north west, taking out the infantry as you go. When you come to the sanbagged area a Chinook will land. Use the Engineer to take it over. Make sure you grab the Money Crate as well.

Hop into the chopper and bring it all the way to the west where there’s a small revealed area. Repair the base and start building a Hand of Nod. There are Guard Towers preventing escape from this area.

Taking Over the GDI Base

Luckily you still have the Chinook. Train 2 Engineers and load them into the Chinook with the Commandos. Land the Chinook on the cliff just behind the sandbagged area where you stol the helicopter.

Offload your troops, send a Commando to the north and load everyone back into the helicopter so they don’t take damage from the Tiberium. Walk the Commando north until he gets attacked by Orcas.

You can now send the Chinook to land next to the GDI Power Plant. Take over the Power Plant, build a SAM Site to take out the Orcas and use the Commando to snipe off any infantry.

Take over the Construction Yard in the north east, build a Hand of Nod in the new base and start taking over the whole GDI base. Turrets will help you deal with those Mammoth Tanks.

Clearing Out All GDI Forces

Build and Airstrip and then build tanks to clear the map of Guard Towers and all other GDI forces to win the mission.

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