Cultural Victory

Cultural victory is attained when the number of tourists visiting your civilization are greater than local tourists of other civilizations visiting their own civilization. It’s Tourism, and not Culture, that matters. You gain Tourism by having Artifacts, Great Works, Sea Resorts, Trade Routes and Wonders. The last Tourism Tech is Computers which doubles output of all Tourism yields. You should streamline for this when going for a Cultural victory.


1) Catherine de Medici of France – Catherine is a good choice if you’re going for a culture victory. France have the Grand Tour bonus which gives bonus Tourism to all wonders. They can also build Chateaus, which must be built next to a river but gives a culture bonus. Chateaus get extra culture for being built next to a wonder.

2) Teddy Roosevelt of America – Teddy’s Corollary gives +1 Appeal to all tiles within your civilization. This will improve the Tourism from Seaside Resorts when you finally start building them as the Tourism they generate is based on the tiles appeal. The American Rough Riders also generate bonus Culture when they kill an enemy unit. Teddy also has access to the Film Studio which grants +100% Tourism in the city in which it’s built.

3) Qin Shi Huang of China – The First Emperor bonus of China gives Builders an extra charge and allows them to hurry the production of Wonders by 15%. Wonders in turn will boost your Civilizations Tourism score and brings tourists to your shores.

4) Alternatives – Some others to consider are Victoria (England) for the English British Museum ability which allows for an additional 3 Artifacts to be held in the Museum and supports an additional Archaeologist. Mvemba a Nzinga (Kongo) has the Nkisi ability that grants extra Great Artist points for Artifacts, Relics and Great Works of Art.


  • Build Wonders Early – Wonders give you Tourism and Wonders built in earlier eras will generate more Tourism then wonders built in later eras.
  • Attract or buy Great Artists, Great Writers and Great Musicians. Each work they produce will give you more Tourism. Make sure you have the appropriate buildings to house their Great Works.
  • Research the Radio Tech so you can start building Seaside Resorts which grant Tourism based on the Appeal of the tile they are built on.
  • The Cristo Redentor Wonder will double the Tourism bonus from Seaside Resorts and Tourism from Relics and Holy Cities is not reduced towards other civilizations who have researched the Enlightenment Civic.
  • The Eiffel Tower improves the Appeal of all tiles within your civilization by 2, further enhancing Seaside Resorts.
  • The Computer Tech will double the Tourism yield from all tiles which can almost double your entire Tourism output!

Domination Victory

A Domination victory, like in previous Civ games is won by taking over the capital cities of all the competing civilizations. You’ll need a strong military, lots of gold and plenty of Amenities to keep your citizens happy through the long years of war. You’ll also want to make sure you keep up with your Technology so that you can upgrade to the latest military units.


1) Tomyris of Scythia – Tomyris is a powerful war leader and gains some amazing bonuses. For starters units gain +5 Combat Strength when attacking damaged units. They also heal by 50 points when killing an enemy unit. Her People of the Steppe ability allow her to produce two Light Cavalry units instead of one and she gets the unique Saka Horse Archers which can be built without access to Horses.

2) Frederick Barbarossa of Germany – His bonus gives you an extra Military Policy slot and each city may build an extra District. Having an extra district makes Germany quite a powerful civ for all of the victory conditions. Their unique unit, the U-Boat, has +1 Sight and +10 Combat Strength, making them a formidable force out in the ocean.

3) Montezuma of the Aztecs – The unique unit the Eagle Warrior is a powerful early game unit that can turn defeated enemies into Builders. You’ll be able to expand your early empire quickly with these units. In addition to this each Luxury Resource that is improved will give Military Units +1 Combat Strength, making them more powerful than their counterparts.


  • Denounce your opponent at least 5 turns before going to war with them so that you can claim a Casus Belli and reduce warmongering penalties.
  • Capturing the last city of any civilization will increase warmongering penalties dramatically so you may want to peace out and leave them with at least one city once you have their capital.
  • Commercial Districts and the Great Zimbabwe wonder will improve your gold yield and help to fund your war efforts.
  • Try to get as many luxury resources as you can and build Entertainment Complexes to increase amenities so your citizens don’t rebel.

Religious Victory

A Religious Victory is won when at least half of all the other civilizations cities are following your religion. It’s one of the most difficult victory conditions to meet, especially in multi-player. Missionaries and Apostles are used to spread your religion and combat other religious units.


1) Gandhi of India – Gandhi has the Satyagraha bonus which gives you a boost in faith for other civilizations that you have met and are at peace with. He also has the unique building the Stepwell, which in addition to Food and Housing, gives additional Faith if build next to a Holy Site.

2) Phillip II of  Spain – The Spanish have a strong religious focus. For a start Combat Units gain +4 Combat Strength when fighting units from civilizations of a different religion. When you capture a city if you have an Inquisitor within one tile then it will immediately convert that city to your civilization’s religion. Inquisitors can also remove Heresy one more time than normal. The unique building of Spain is the Mission which gives +1 Faith and +2 Faith if built on a different continent from your capital.

3) Saladin of Arabia – Is guaranteed to found a religion and Worship Buildings cost less faith to build. The unique building is the Madrasa which is similar to the University but also provides additional Faith.


  • Religions naturally to cities within 10 tiles although this happens too slowly to use it as the sole method of converting cities.
  • The Hagia Sophia wonder gives your Apostles and Missionaries an additional charge. The religious building the Mosque, will also give them an additional charge.
  • If you can’t convert a city peacefully than you may need to raise it to the ground.

Science Victory

To achieve a Science Victory you’ll need to meet a number of conditions and also basically reasearch all of the Science tech in the game. There are three major projects that you need to complete, launch a satellite, land a human on the moon and establish a martian colony. All three of these projects must be completed through the Spaceport District. Science is obviously extremely important but having a large production is essential as well.


1) Peter of Russia – Whenever you found a new city you begin with extra territory. In addition to the Tundra tiles provide +1 Production and +1 Faith. The extra Production may prove crucial to getting off those three major Science Projects needed for the Science Victory. In addition to this when establishing Trade Routes with more advanced civilizations you will get extra Science and/or Culture.

2) Gilgamesh of Sumeria – The Sumerians have the unique building, the Ziggurat, which gives +2 Science and +1 Culture when built next to a river. This can give you the early Science edge and hopefully you’ll be able to keep it till the end of the game.

3) Alternatives – While not directly Science focused many civilizations give advantages to Production which helps immensely. Japan, for instance, have the Electronics Factory that gives bonus Production to cities within 6 tiles. Germany have the Hansa which also give extra Production if built next to a Commercial Hub and the opportunity to build an extra District in each city which makes Frederick a good choice as well.


  • The Oracle (unlocked with Mysticism in the Civics Tree) makes patronage of Great People 20% cheaper with Faith and Districts in this city get an additional +2 Great Person points.
  • The Great Library (unlocked with Recorded History in the Civics Tree) gives +2 Science per turn, +1 Great Scientist point per turn and you receive a Boost to all Ancient and Classical era technologies.
  • The Oxford University (unlocked with Scientific Theory in the Tech Tree) gives +20% Science in the city, +3 Great Scientist points per turn and grants you 2 free technologies.

 Score Victory

A Score Victory is the default victory condition and only happens if the time runs out before anyone has completed any of the other victory conditions. It’s not something that you want to aim for and virtually never happens during a normal Civ 6 game. The Score is based on a number of different factors which includes military strength, religion, culture and tech research.

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