Ghostrunner 2 is a fast-paced hardcore slasher set in a futuristic cyberpunk universe. If you’ve played the first game you can expect more of the same with epic boss fights, smooth ninja-like movement and an interactive story.

Ghostrunner 2 was developed by One More Level and is available for the Windows, PlayStation 5, and XBox X and Series S. It uses Unreal Engine 4 and takes off where the first game ended.

One year after the events of the first Ghostrunner you’ll be back to take on the cult that want to change the future of humanity. With your trusty Katana by your side you’ll be hacking and slashing and sliding your way through large and complex levels.

The first thing you’ll notice when playing Ghostrunner 2 is that it’s hard, very hard. If you haven’t played the first game then you can expect a steep learning curve. There are many checkpoints throughout each of the levels and it’s expected that you’ll die a lot.

As you progress through the levels and figure out the mechanics of each of the enemies it’ll start to get a bit easier. The smooth movement and combat make this game a joy to play when you get it right. The motorbike sequences are also a fun addition to the game.

The levels are bigger and you’ll have a new upgrade system to make Jack faster and stronger. There are new enemies and bosses with almost all of the enemies in the first game making an appearance in Ghostrunner 2.

The introduction of the bike is quite impressive and you can slash your katana while riding. Some of the bike sections can be a little confusing to navigate at high speeds at first. Most players will need a few attempts to get through some of the bike sections.

Most of the levels will introduce some kind of new enemy or mechanic. Some of these are unique to those levels so you’ll never feel like the game is getting stale. Having said that, there are more empty areas to the levels where you’ll be traversing from one section to another. The first Ghostrunner was probably a little more streamlined in that regard.

Some gamers prefer Ghostrunner and others Ghostrunner 2. Either way they are very similar and if you enjoyed the first then you’ll enjoy Ghostrunner 2. The bosses in Ghostrunner 2 are fun and the motorbike and wingsuit missions give you some interesting side missions.


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