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The High Priestess

Objective:¬†Obtain 6 blessings so that you can enter the Ritual House at the summit of Mt. Freydis and negotiate a treaty with the Northerners. Once you find the High Priestess you’ll need to battle with her champion.

Special Rules: You can now set up camp to restore life and trade with passers-by.

If you have cards that grant you blessings it’s important to bring them along for The High Priestess quest. If not you can still get the 6 blessings by successfully completing the other encounters along the way.

You begin the quest at the ‘Foothill’ encounter where you can ask your companion more about your mission. Your task is to make it to the top of the soaring mountain to deliver and speak with the High Priestess about a treaty. She’ll only accept you gladly if you have 6 blessings. Otherwise you’ll take damage before fighting her champion.

When you come across the ‘Avalanche’ card you may have to fight some Northerners. When one of them gets trapped underneath the snow you can either take his weapon or dig him out. If you dig him out he will grant you a blessing.

After a few more encounters you’ll find the ‘Ascension’ card where you can progress to the next map. Your first encounter here will be the ‘Blessed Brew’ card where you have a chance to gain a new blessing. Wind your way through this area, picking up blessings where you can and then move onto the final map through the ‘Ascension’ encounter.

Once again you’ll meet an old lady in the ‘Blessed Brew’ encounter who offers to give you a blessing. Eventually you’ll come across the ‘Blessed Summit’ to meet the High Priestess. If you have 6 blessings by now and you defeat the champion you’ll win the gold token, if not you’ll only receive the silver token.

Beserker Champion: This tough character wields a weapon that will slow your attacks and movement if you’re struck. He also has two small groups of Northerners protecting him.

Heavy weapons are advised against Northerners although you can use whatever you’re most comfortable with. After the Champion and his allies are defeated you’ll complete the quest.

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