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Objectives: Make your way to Bridgemore Village and defeat the Death Mage who has been hired by the Emperor to kill you.

Special Rules: The civilians are starving and will do almost anything for food. If you lose 10 villagers the quest will be lost.

Deck Construction: Make sure you have access to plenty of food. Encounters such as Fabled Beast, Distressed Damsel and the Maiden (Old Maiden) will help. For Equipment the Armour of Gluttony and Harvest Blade will help you gather a few extra food along the way. For your 3 Supplies take the 5 Food and pick any other 2 cards that you like.

Depart for Bridgemore Village: Along the way you’ll come across Hungry Peasants. They will demand an amount of food depending on how many of them there are. If you fail to give them the full amount of food the remaining peasants will attack you and you’ll take a number of pain cards. Make your way through the encounters to A Moonlit Journey card and then Journey Forward to the next level.

As you continue you’ll come across Thomas the Ogre, a Token card. The farmers think Thomas has been stealing their food and head off to kill him. As you walk with them listen to their stories and finally ask if anyone has actually seen the Ogre. When you find the Ogre, first demand that he return the food and then refuse to fight. You’ll have the option to play gambits with him and win some loot. If you win one of the gambits the Token will be yours. Continue around the map until you come to A Moonlit Journey and head to the next level.

For the third level you’ll be confronted with up to 8 Hungry Peasants and they’ll demand 4 Food. Make sure you have it on hand or be prepared to take a lot of damage. Continue once more to the A Moonlit Journey encounter and Journey Forward to the last level. Make your way through the encounters to the Lair of the Necromancer for the final battle.

Countess Athanasia

The Countess is guarded by a horde of Skeletons. She also creates a shield barrier that you’ll need to break through before you can start dealing damage. The Skeletons are fairly easy to deal with so this battle shouldn’t take you to long to win. Once you’ve defeated her the quest will be complete.

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