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Tarnum is sent by his ancestors to help Queen Allison Gryphonheart. Her father’s soul resides in the depths of the Underworld and must be rescued. Tarnum will be taking up the role of a Knight for this campaign and you’ll be facing the Inferno and Necroplis factions.

Cerberus Gate

For the first mission you’ll be limited to level 6 and can choose either the Equestrian’s Gloves or Boots of Speed as your starting bonus.

Your Castle is in the southwest corner and you’ll have the Cleric Cuthbert as a starting hero to help you out. The enemies each have one Inferno town. All towns are limited to fourth or third tier creatures.

There’s a quest guard to the east that requires 11 Royal Griffins to get past. On the other side you’ll find the Red Keymaster Tent. Once you’ve tagged that you can go through the Red Border Guard and enter the purple player’s land.

Make sure you visit the Seers Hut west of the Inferno. Once you’ve reached Level 6 you’ll be rewarded with +6 Knowledge.

Around here you’ll be able to buy 7 Wights. Take them to the quest guard in the south eastern corner to get access to the Purple Keymaster Tent. Then head to the northwest and go through the Purple Border Guard. Take out the Archdevils underground to get access to the next scenario.

The Boatman

The Boatman takes place on a medium map and you can choose +1 Attack or +1 Defence as a starting bonus. To win you must find the Orb of Inhibition.

You start with a Castle to the northwest and your two strongest heroes from the previous scenario. The four enemy players will each start out with one Inferno.

From the starting Castle head east and take out the Purple and then Green player. From there head south to Orange. With the main enemies out of the way you’re free to explore the map.

Go to the southwest corner and trade 50 Gogs for the Surcoat of Counterpoise. Trade the Surcout of Counterpoise to the quest guard near the purple Inferno to get access to the Red Keymaster Tent.

In the northwestern corner you can trade 5843 gold for the Shackles of War. Make sure you get them as you’ll need the shackles to trade for an Archangel at a Seeer’s hut in the southeastern corner. Keep the Archangel alive as you’ll need it for the end of the scenario.

With the Archangel and Red Key you can go through th border guard and quest guard leading to Xyron and the Orb of Inhibition.

When you find the Helm of Chaos you can trade it to the Seer south of the green Inferno town for +5 Knowledge. Also, the Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment can be found in the southwestern corner. This carries over to the next scenario.

Truth Within Nightmares

Choose +1 Attack or +1 Defence as your starting bonus. For this mission you must defeat Sandro and your heroes are limited to level 18.

You begin with a Castle in the southeast. Both purple and orange have 2 Necropolises each with purple having one underground.

Once you’ve explored the surrounding area find the path leading north where you’ll come across the Green Keymaster Tent. A little further north you’ll find the Sword of Judgement protected by Manticores. It increases all your stats by +5 and will carry over to the next scenario.

From here go east to find a Purple Necropolis or west to find the Orange Necropolis. When you find the Hourglass of the Evil Hour give it to the Seer in the northwest for +6 Knowledge.

Down to the southwest you’ll find the Green Border Guard and a two-way portal it. This leads to another portal that then leads to Sandro. Take him out to complete the mission.

Twisted Tunnels

For this mission you can choose between +1 Spellpower and +1 Knowledge as your starting bonus. You must defeat all enemies and towns on this small map.

You begin with a Castle in the northwest that will quickly be taken over by green. Your heroes will be closer to the central neutral Castle which they can reach by heading east for a day.

Watch out for ambushes in this mission. Don’t send out a hero you want to keep without giving them an army. It’s probably easiest to go north to the Green Dungeon and then east to your old Castle. Then you can quickly build an army to defeat Purple and Blue.

Make sure you look for the Lion’s Shield of Courage in the northwest corner. It increases all your primary skills by +4 and carries over to the next scenario.

Jorm’s Ambush

Old Wounds

The Queen’s Command

Never Deal with a Demon

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