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The Sword of Frost is the final campaign for Heroes Chronicles. Tarnum must stop Gelu before he finds the sword of frost and destroys the world. You’ll be playing the Dungeon faction but the Azure Dragons will join your cause fairly early on and you’ll use them for the rest of the campaign.

There are 8 scenarios in this campaign and none of them are all that difficult with the Azure Dragons on your side. This is mostly a fun ending to the Heroes Chronicles campaigns.

Tarnum the Overlord

For the first scenario you can choose Tactics or Offense as a starting bonus. As you begin with Tactics as an Overlord you only have one choice, Basic Offence. You begin in the northwest by a neutral Dungeon that you’ll need to capture before you can build an army.

The Red enemy is to the south but access is blocked off by a Light Blue Border Gate. You’ll need to make your way clockwise around the map, taking over the next two Dungeons along the way. Finally you’ll make it around to the Red Dungeon. Capture it and defeat all enemy heroes to win the scenario.

The Land of the Vori

The Land of Vori is played on a small map. You can choose +1 Attack or +1 Defense as a starting bonus and you must defeat the Blue enemy to win the scenario.

You land on the northern shore of the western side of the sea when you begin. There’s a nearby Dungeon that you can capture to build up troops. Southeast from here you’ll find a Rampart and south of the Dungeon you’ll find a Dragon Cave where you can recruit Red Dragons. If you build a Portal of Summoning and don’t tag any other dwellings you can hire Red Dragons in your Dungeon each week.

To reach the Blue enemy you’ll need to pass through the heavily defended neutral Garrison on the southern edge of the map. Once you have an army big enough to break through the Blue enemy should be no trouble at all.

A New Enemy

For this mission you begin with a Dungeon in the southwest corner and can choose a Marketplace or Blacksmith as a starting bonus. I like to choose the Blacksmith so I can immediately purchase a Ballista on day one.

Head north through the stack of Gold Dragons to take over the first Stronghold. Then go through the monolith leading to the eastern side of the island where you can capture the second Stronghold.

When you’re ready and have a fairly large force open up the Quest Guard to the north with the Celestial Necklace of Bliss. Capture the Blue Rampart town to the north to complete the scenario.

A New Ally

You begin with the Boots of Speed or Equestrian’s Gloves as a starting bonus and must hire 6 Azure Dragons to win the scenario.

The map is split down the middle and you’ll have one Dungeon on either side of it. If you have Town Portal you’ll be able to teleport between the two sides making this map much easier.

Break through to the north on either side and take over the enemy Strongholds. You can then take the monoliths to the center area and go through the Quest Guard that only Tarnum can open. Inside you can claim the Frozen Cliffs and hire the Azure Dragons. There are 6 Frozen Cliffs so tag all of them and hire one Dragon from each to complete the scenario.

The Capture

You’ll begin in the center of the map with a Dungeon while the enemy has 4 Ramparts surrounding you on all sides. You can choose the 10 Harpy Hags or 10 Evil Eyes as a starting bonus but you’ll be using Azure Dragons for your main army.

In the starting Dugeon you’ll find an Azure Dragon and there are two nearby Frozen Cliffs. If you build a Portal of Summoning in the Dungeon you’ll be able to hire another Azure Dragon, giving you a potential 4 Azure Dragons in the first week!

Nothing should be able to stand in the way of the Azure Dragons so tag the Keymaster’s Tents and take over the 4 Ramparts, wiping out the Blue enemy, to win the scenario.

Tunnels of Ice

For this mission you can choose +10 Wood and Ore or +3 of each of the precious resources. You hold a nearby Frozen Cliffs so build a Portal of Summoning so you can hire an Azure Dragon in your starting Dungeon. There is a neutral Dungeon in your starting area so take over it quickly for the extra income.

The tunnels into and out of the area are blocked by Black Dragons. The Azure Dragons should make short work of them once you have a few of them. Follow one of the tunnels either west or south to take over the Tan Stronghold and tag the Keymaster’s Tent.

One corner has a Green Tent the other a Red Tent. Both open up one of the border gates leading to the final Tan Stronghold in the southwest. Once all Tan heroes and towns have been captured or defeated you’ll win the scenario.

The Barbarian’s Wife

You begin with a bonus of 2000 Gold or 25 Troglodytes and a Dungeon to the north of the Surface map. You have a Frozen Cliffs so build a Portal of Summoning or hire Azure Dragons directly from the cliffs.

Azure Dragons are expensive so grab the Tome of Fire Magic on the western side guarded by Red Dragons and take it to the Seer’s Hut to the southeast for 48,000 Gold.

You don’t need to wipe out the enemy for this mission, only find the Ring of Infinite Gems that Ufretin will give you in the Seer’s Hut next to the Stronghold in the Underground.

The Protectors of the Sword

To complete this mission and the campaign you’ll need to capture the Rampart town of Volee. Gelu will be in the area trying to stop you but can defeat him early on.

To the south of your starting Dungeon you’ll find a monolith that takes you to the northwest corner where Gelu has his staring Rampart. Grab an Azure Dragon and finish him off in the first week. Then you’ll be free to explore the map and conquer the other neutral Ramparts.

You’ll then need to tag the Blue and White Keymaster’s tents to get access to the town of Volee. It’s protected by strong Garrisons so make sure you bring a big army with you. Once Vollee has been capture the campaign will be complete.

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