King’s Quest 3 is a tricky game. What makes it almost impossible to complete is the incorrect spell instructions given in some guides. When using the book down in the wizard’s laboratory use the steps exactly as shown below to complete the spells successfully. To cast a spell stand next to the book and type “turn to page…” to begin the spell casting process.

Understanding the Language of Creatures

Turn to page II

I. Put the small feather in a bowl

II. Put the fur in the bowl

III. Put the reptile skin in a bowl

IV. Add a spoonful of powdered fish bone

V. Put a thimbleful of dew in the bowl

VI. Mix with hands

VII. Separate mixture into two pieces

VIII. Put dough pieces in your ears

IX. Recite the following verse:

Feather of fowl and bone of fish

Molded together in this dish

Give me wisdom to understand

Creatures of air sea and land

X. Wave magic wand

With this spell you will be able to understand creatures when they speak. Make sure you listen to the mice when you get into the pirate ship because they have some useful information to tell you regarding where the treasure is buried.

Flying like an Eagle or a Fly

Turn to page IV

I. Put a pinch of saffron in essence

II. Recite the following verse:

Oh winged spirits set me free

Of earthly bindings just like thee

In this essence behold the might

To grant the precious gift of flight

III. Wave magic wand

You can now transform into an eagle or fly whenever you want. To transform type dip eagle feather into essence or dip fly wings in essence. The spell will wear off after a little while but to transform back again type Eagle begone! Myself return! or Fly begone! Myself return!

Teleportation at Random

 Turn to page VII

I. Grind a spoon of salt in a mortar

II. Grind the mistletoe in the mortar

III. Rub the stone in the mixture

IV. Kiss the stone

V. Recite the following verse:

With this kiss I thee impart

Power most dear to my heart

Take me now from this place hither

To another place far thither

VI. Wave the magic wand

To use the teleportation spell rub the stone and you’ll be carried away to another place. You won’t be able to choose the destination of the teleportation spell so only use it if you’re really in danger.

Causing a Deep Sleep

Turn to page XIV

I. Grind the acorns in a mortar

II. Put the acorn powder in a bowl

III. Put the nightshade juice in the bowl

IV. Stir the mixture with a spoon

V. Light a charcoal brazier

VI. Heat the mixture on the brazier

VII. Spread the mixture on a table

VIII. Recite the following verse:

Acorn powder ground so fine

Nightshade juice like bitter wine

Silently in darkness you creep

To bring a soporific sleep

IX. Wave magic wand

X. Put the sleep powder in the pouch

The sleeping spell will cause those exposed to the sleeping powder to fall asleep. To make it work pour the sleeping powder on the ground and recite: Slumber henceforth!

Transforming another into a Cat

Turn to page XXV

I. Put the mandrake root powder in a bowl

II. Put the cat hair in the bowl

III. Put two spoons of fish oil in the bowl

IV. Stir the mixture with a spoon

V. Put the dough on the table

VI. Pat the dough into a cookie

VII. Recite the following verse:

Mandrake root and hair of cat

Mix oil of fish and give a pat

A feline from the one who eats

This appetizing magic treat

VIII. Wave magic wand

This powerful spell will cause whoever eats it to turn into a cat. The cookie doesn’t look too nice so you may need to crumble it up into something else to make it edible.

Brewing a Storm

Turn to page LXXXIV

I. Put a cup of ocean water in a bowl

II. Light a charcoal brazier

III. Heat the bowl on the brazier

IV. Put a spoon of mud in the bowl

V. Add a pinch of toadstool powder

VI. Blow into the hot brew

VII. Recite the following verse:

Elements from the earth and sea

Combine to set the heavens free

When I stir this magic brew

Great god Thor I call on you

VIII. Wave magic wand

IX. Pour the storm brew into the jar

This spell will cause a powerful storm to form. To make it work find a safe location and stir the storm brew with your finger and then recite: Brew of storms, churn it up! The storm will eventually blow itself out but if you want to stop it prematurely recite: Brew of storms, clear it up!

Becoming Invisible

Turn to page CLXIX

I. Cut the cactus with a knife

II. Squeeze the cactus juice onto a spoon

III. Put the cactus juice in a bowl

IV. Put the lard in the bowl

V. Add two drops of toad spittle

VI. Stir the mixture with a spoon

VII. Recite the following verse:

Cactus plant and horny toad

I now start down a dangerous road

Combine with fire and mist to make

Me disappear without a trace

VIII. Wave magic wand

IX. Put ointment in the empty lard jar

The invisibility spell will only work if you use it in a place where there is both mist and fire. When you’re ready to cast this spell rub the ointment on your body. The spell will eventually wear off and you only have enough for one application so use it wisely.

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