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Bandits’ Hideout

Magic Items: Armour of Meteoric Iron

Enemy Units: 5 x Bandits

Deployment: This is a good mission to try out your Imperial Great Cannon and Hellblaster Volley Gun. Place them in the deployment zone facing east with the Dwarf Hammerers above them and the Amber Wizard and Grudgebringer Cavalry to the south.

Strategy: When the battle begins you’ll be attacked by 2 Bandits around the forest from the north and the other 3 from the west. Bring the Amber Wizard north a little to cast Flock of Doom on the first unit of Bandits. Send in the Hammerers to finish them off and then sweep through to the second unit of Bandits. Charge in the Cavalry to help out the Hammerers.

The Cannon/Hellblaster should target the 3 units of Bandits coming in from the west. If Allor has magic cast Flock of Doom on the closest unit. You should be able to cause them all to flee before they get close to the Canon.

Before you go back to the camp make sure you pick up the Armour of Meteoric Iron between the trees and the forest on the far western side of the map. Have your Grudbringer Cavalry pick it up to make them one of the toughest units in the game.

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