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Capture Guy Gourard

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 4 x Guy Gourard’s Bandits

Deployment: For this mission I brought the same as the last, the Grudgebringer Cavalry, Amber Wizard, Dwarf Hammerers, Imperial Cannon and Hellblaster Volley Gun. Face them towards the Bandits to the north-west.

Strategy: Another very easy mission. Wait for the Bandits to approach and cast Curse on the unit with Guy Gourard. If he flees and gets away you’ll lose the mission. Wait for the Bandits to get close and then hit them with the Cannons.

If Guy Gourard starts to get away cast Flock of Doom/Hunting Spear on his unit until he’s dead. There are more Bandits hiding around the trees to the west so once the first wave has been defeated make sure you send Allor, the Cavalry and Hammerers around to deal with them. The mission ends when the last Bandit has fled or been killed.

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