Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat is a real-time strategy game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. It’s the first Warhammer computer game ever released and it’s still playable today through DosBox or by using the GOG version.

If you’re having trouble getting it running try turning off any background apps that may be running. Some apps will interfere with Shadow of the Horned Rat, causing it to freeze just as you’re about to enter battle.

Shadow of the Horned Rat takes place in the Old World. You play the role of Commander Bernhardt, a mercenary who uncovers a plot by the Skaven to take over the Empire. You begin the game with just a handful of troops but by the end you’ll have a selection of up to 25 different units to command.

Shadow of the Horned Rat Walkthrough

Human Campaign (Wessenheim)

Protect Schnappleburg
Escort to Holst
Sven Carlson
Rescue Ilmarin
Orc Pursuit
Against the Grain
Bridge over the River Weiss
Slave Train
Shattered Pass

To Loren (Failed Missions)

Surprise Attack
Valley of the Trolls
The Vermin Burrows

Dwarven Campaign (Zhufbar)

March to Zhufbar
Counter Attack
Squatter’s Rights
Grumm’s Gate or The Listening Gate
Rat Trap
Slave Assault
The Iron Fort
Escort Engrol Goldtongue
Bandits’ Hideout
Capture Guy Gourard

Elven Campaign (Loren)

To Loren (i)
Bugman’s Brewery
Poisoned Wind
The Final Battle

Shadow of the Horned Rat Cheats

Add Reinforcements

If you’re running low on troops and the game’s just not giving you any reinforcements you can manually add more troops to your roster. To do this you’ll need to LOAD up your save game. Press ALT-TAB to change window.

Open up [DRIVE]:SHADOW OF THE HORNED RAT\WARFB\TEMP\ARMY.MRC with Notepad or Wordpad. The location may be slightly different depending on where you purchased the game. Either way you’re looking for the ARMY.MRC file.

From here you can modify the numbers after setstats:s_side=

The numbers appear to be the troops in reserve, total troops, active troops and wounded. By increasing the third number along you will increase the number of active troops. Make sure active troops plus wounded don’t go above the total number of troops.

There may be some other things you can do with the ARMY.MRC file but changing the attributes of the troops didn’t work for me. I could only change the number of active troops. Regardless this should help you get through some of those tough missions.

Infinite Magic

Each magic cycle lasts for 60 seconds. For some missions you’ll need a good magic cycle so you can get off at least 2 or 3 spells. To change the magic cycle hold CTRL and click on the Magic button. You’ll get notification that the magic cycle has changed. Magic power will now increase by one per second. To change it back again hold CTRL and click on the Magic button.