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Return to the Valley

Make your way out of the Misty Woods and then drop down into the Valley of the Wind. Float all the way to the bottom. You can grab some extra pickups along the way or return to the Spirit Well to refresh Ori. There are big frogs at the bottom of the valley that spit at you so be careful. Make your way through the tunnel to the right.

Drop down into another cavern with birds and take the bottom path to the left. Stomp through a barrier and drop down. Bash the exploding creature into the wall to the right to pick up the Map Stone Fragment. Use the creature on the wall underneath this one to find the Map Stone.

Otherwise continue through the caverns, dropping down and heading to the right. When you come out you’ll need to use the jumping creature to bash your way up to a lever. Pull the lever to open the door to the left.


Continue heading to the left to find the entrance to the Forlorn Ruins.

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