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Thornfelt Swamp

To the left is a Map Stone and to the right a Spirit Gate. The only path is down through the water. Dive into the water and take the first tunnel to the left. Jump over the spikes and use a Charge Flame on the breakable part of the roof above.


This will allow the water to pour through into this room and lower the water in the cavern above. Now you should easily be able to grab the Spirit Light Container as well.

Head back out and take a breath. Dive down and go to the very bottom, taking a breather in the small cavern to the bottom left where you’ll find one Keystone. From here you can swim up and through the rocks to the left for the first secret where you’ll find a Spirit Light Container.


Swim back down to the bottom left for another breath. Dive in and head through the moving blocks to the right. Just past them on a ledge up above is the second Keystone. Dive back down and continue right through the water for the Map Stone Fragment. Swim back to the surface and use the fragment on the Map Stone to reveal the rest of this area.


Head over to the right and use the Keystones to open the Spirit Gate. Jump across the logs over the pond and use the Bash attack on a projectile to make it up to the top left.  Use another Bash attack to make it up the spiked chasm and then use the lantern to jump over to the right.

You’ll find an Ancestral Tree here that will give you the Stomp ability. Stomp on the breakable stone to the right to grab a Spirit Light Container.

Bash attack to get back up to the right and then Stomp on the wooden log sticking out of the ground a few times until the trapdoor opens. Drop down and Stomp a few times on the rammer creature. Once he’s dead the door to the left will open.

Run back to the left where you began the section and Stomp on the large log to find a Spirit Life Container in the water below. Continue to the left. Just past the Map Stone is a breakable stone barrier that you can Stomp on. There is a secret above the map stone as well.

Drop down continue to the left and Stomp on another barrier. Stomp on the ground over the bridge to break it and reveal another secret.


Continue past the spiders to the left, drop down and go right to the Spirit Well. Warp to the Hollow Grove and take the higher path to the left. Break the wall with a Flame Charge and enter the Valley of the Wind.

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