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Hollow Grove

Your objective in this level is to find the Ginso Tree to the east. From the starting area head to the east. Just past the sign there’s a breakable rock on the ground. You’ll need to get the jumping creature to stomp on it to break it so you can drop down.

Head to the east and then up to the lever. Pull it to lower one of the logs above the ground level down.


Drop all the way down as far as you can go to collect a Spirit Light Container. There’s a breakable wall here that takes you back to the Sunken Glades when you are able to break it.

Jump back up the walls and go to the west. You’ll need to hop around the breakable wall by taking the higher path to the west and visit the Ancestral Tree. You’ll be given the Charge Flame ability to break through some walls.

Jump back up to the surface and go to the east. Jump up the tree and across the logs that you lowered with the lever to make it to the top.


Kill the big spiked blob on the other side and break the wall to the east. In the next scene you’ll see a large rock covered with some kind of web. There’s an Energy Door to the west that you can’t open yet. You’ll need to jump up the wall to the top of the web and break the rock a the top that’s holding it.


Before dropping down jump across to the east. There’s another breakable wall here. Smash it and drop down around the spiky plants to a Life Cell.


Jump back up and drop down where the web was released all the way to the bottom. At the bottom first jump across to the west. Kill the spider and go all the way to the left for another Energy Cell.

Go back to the web rock and jump across to the east, or to the right. Jump all the way across the purple water to the other side. Use the bounce pads to bounce up and over to the left. Destroy the spike plants and jump through the hole in the tree. Directly to the east you’ll find a Map Stone.

Bounce up the tree to the west and on the other side towards the top is the Map Stone Fragment.


Drop down and take it back to the Map Stone to reveal a large unexplored area of the Hollow Grove. You won’t be able to explore much of the area that’s been revealed because you won’t be able to get past the doors and stone walls. Feel free to go up and have a look to get some more ability points.

Go east, past the stone sign towards the Thornfelt Swamp. Continue to the east to the swinging spiked logs. Push the stone to the east and save your game at the Spirit Well. Push the stone back to the west and use it to jump up the wall.


Follow the path to the east to complete this area.

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