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Sunken Glades

Head to the west, drop down to the wooden log and into the cave for the first secret which contains a Spirit Light Container for extra Ability Points.


Drop down and continue heading to the west across the swampy water. You’ll come across an extra Energy Cell along the way. Let the creature ram into the wall to break it and then continue to the west, under the large fallen log to find the second secret Spirit Light Container.


Now jump on top of the log and pick up the tiny light, which is the light of the Spirit Tree which will guide you along the way. You can now use it to attack enemies with the Spirit Flame as well.

Head back all the way to the east along the ground until you come to a Spirit Well. Here you can save your game and warp to other locations if you’ve already unlocked them.

Bounce on the blue bounce pad and make your way up back to where you found the first secret of the level. Head west, pull the large rock out of the way to find the first Keystone.


Jump up and over the swinging logs to the west for another Keystone.


Jump down and open the Spirit Gate to the west. Just past the gate you’ll come to your first signpost. Before heading to the Spirit Caverns to the west jump up over the mushroom plants for an extra Life Cell in the tree above.

Head west, drop down under a log and continue all the way west. Drop down when you can and continue to the west to find an Ancestral Tree where you can gain the Wall Jump ability. Climb up the wall to the west for another Energy Cell.

Head back to the east, climb up the cavern and then over to the west. The third secret is under the swinging spikes where you’ll find another Spirit Light Container. Use the boulder to jump up onto the ledge above the secret area.


Push the boulder on top of the ledge with the swinging spikes all the way over to the right. Jump on it and up to another ledge to grab a Keystone. Jump up the tree to the left and grab another Spirit Light Container.


Continue to the east and pull the lever to lower the wooden log. Jump across to the east and grab the Map Stone Fragment.  Drop down and head east, take the path under the log to the east to find the Map Stone. Use the Map Stone Fragment to reveal the rest of the Sunken Glades. To the east you can pick up another Keystone.

Head back up to the top of the forest and then west to open the Spirit Gate with the two Keystones. Make your way up, grabbing the two Keystones along the way. Near the top you’ll see the next secret but you won’t be able to reach it yet because you need some special abilities to dash into the secret area.


Jump across to the right to find the last secret of the level. This reveals an Energy Gate that you own’t be able to open yet.


Work your way up the area to the top north-west for another Keystone. Jump across to the east for the fourth keystone. Jump up and to the east and open the Spirit Gate. Walk through to end this area.

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