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Misty Woods

As you enter the Misty Woods some of the areas will change so you’ll have to backtrack to go a different way. You also don’t have access to the map as it’s shrouded in mist. Head over to the left, break the log by stomping on it and grab the Spirit Light Container.


Just to the left you’ll find the Shrouded Lantern without its light. You’ll need to find the light and bring it back to light up the Misty Woods.

Continue to the left, jumping over the projectiles. Jump onto the log hanging from the tree and up to the branch for another Spirit Light Container. Drop down and continue to the left. Use the bash ability on the projectiles as you’re running through the base of the tree trunk to make it through without being hit.

Jump on the bounce pad to the left and use the bash ability on the projectiles to make it up the chasm and float over to the left. Float over the spikes and drop down into the cave just after the spikes for a Spirit Light Container.


Continue to the left for the first Keystone. The forest will change as you head back to the right and you’ll be in a different location. Continue to the right and then float down between the spikes to the bottom. Walk to the left and grab the second Keystone. This is a dead end so head back to the right and the forest will change again.

As you head to the right you’ll see Atsu’s Torch down below but you can’t reach it just yet. Continue to the right until you come to a dead end and then head back to the left. The forest will change again, giving you access to a new area.

Jump over the spikes and float down, avoiding all the projectile fire from creatures in the walls. There’s a secret to the left side that you can pop into as you float down.


Float down, run to the left and jump up the walls with the pink slimes. Continue up another wall and over to the right. You’ll have to float over some spikes, under a tree and then float down through some spikes and over to the left to find the Misty Woods Ancestral Tree where you’ll learn the climb ability.

Head back to the right and the forest will change once more. When you see sparkles coming out of the spikes it means there is a plant that you can climb up that will appear once you jump towards it. Jumping again will cause them to disappear so only jump towards them when they aren’t visible.


Climb up the plant wall and then head to the right. You’ll come to another plant section where you’ll need to jump to different plants to make it to the top right. Now continue up a spiked chasm by climbing up the plants to the top. Once again hop onto the plants inside another cavern to head to the top right for the third Keystone.

Float back down to the left and the forest will change again. This time head down to the lasers. Jump across when the lasers are blocking the path and trust the plants will provide a landing for you.


Jump across to the first plant and then over to the central pillar. Do a large double jump over to a second pillar and then to the far wall to make it across.

Walk up the plants which form a ramp in the next cavern and then float all the way down the spiked tunnel to the bottom. Jump across the lanterns to the top right for the last Keystone but first you might want to grab the Spirit Light Container in the central tree by bashing up against one of the lanterns.


Once you have the keystone head back to the left and the forest will change again. Use the projectile from the creature up the top to bash your way upwards. Head over to the right and then carefully up a spiked chasm. Continue upwards, to the right and then drop into a cavern with fireballs. Use the bash on the fireballs to get through the chasm and over the spikes.

At the end use the bash on another projectile to jump up past the spikes in the chasm to the top. Now jump onto a moving plant platform and  hang on. Jump onto the one above it and then over to the left.


Make your way all the way over to the left. Have a mini boss fight with a strange jumping creature, use the 4 Keystones to open the door and then grab the light. You won’t be able to use special abilities while you’re holding it. Run all the way back to the right, avoiding the projectiles as you go and place the light into the Shrouded Lantern to complete the level.

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