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Mount Horu

Enter into Mount Horu. Take a look at the map. The place you need to get to is actually under lava at the moment. You’ll need to block up a number of lava rivers before continuing to the last part of the game. There’s a Spirit Well under the lava to the right and the exit from Mount Horu is down to the left.  In order to remove the lava from this area you’ll need to enter a series of caverns and block off the lava from flowing.

Make your way all the way to the top of Mount Horu and enter the caverns both to the top right and top left. Each time you enter a cavern you’ll have to make your way to a boulder or some other device to stop the lava flowing inside each of the caverns. Come back out and enter the next lowest caverns and continue down back to the base of Mount Horu. Once you’ve stopped all of the lava flowing the areas to the left and right of where you first entered this section will be free from lava.

Drop down to the left and enter into the last cavern where you’ll find the Element of Warmth.

Mount Horu Escape

Make your way to the right quickly, jumping over the lava and avoiding falling debris. This escape is really not too hard but you may need to try it a few times to work out which way you need to go. Once you’ve escaped from Mount Horu you can enjoy the final cut-scene.

Congratulations on winning Ori and the Blind Forest! If you have the definitive edition there are a couple of sections that we haven’t checked out yet. You can continue to the next part below.

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