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Ginso Tree

In this level you’ll need to climb to the top of the Ginso Tree. The portals on the sides of the tree will teleport you to new locations. Start by jumping into the right portal to appear on the left side. Jump up and over to the right. go through the portal to appear on left higher up portal. Continue jumping up and into the portal to the top left to go to a new section.

Jump up to the hanging block and into the first portal to the right. Jump onto the three hanging blocks on the right to go higher and higher. Jump through the highest portal on the right and make sure you land on the hanging block when you appear out of the left portal.


Jump up and to the right and then go into the highest portal on the left to enter a new section.

Jump onto the bouncepad and into the portal above. Hang to the right wall to avoid the spikes and then jump to the center. Carefully drop between the spikes to the left and jump into the portal to the left.


Jump onto the bounce pad and up to the top. If you need more energy jump over the spikes and go through the portal to the right. Otherwise go through the portal to the left to go to a new section.

There are many portals here and you’ll need to drop into the right ones while avoiding the spikes. Here’s the sequence.


Jump through the portal in the top left to enter a new section.

From here drop down into the portal in front of you and push the log off the edge to the right. Position it under the fireballs so that they break the wooden barrier to the left. Jump up to the top and push the second wooden log off the ledge and then push it through the portal to the bottom left. It will appear on the ledge where the first log was positioned.

Position the second log under the portal in the center. The fireball should now shoot through the lower left portal to hit the second log, which will direct it through another wooden barrier center left. Jump through the center left portal into a small section with a crystal. Jump through the top portal to the right to go to a new section.

You’ll be trapped with a creature. Kill the creature and the door to the right will open. Enter the portal to the right to go to a new section.


There are two Keystones to the right. Drop down the portal in the ground to appear in the portal above. Veer to the right so you can land on the center section. Drop down, pick up the first Keystone and double jump into the lower right portal. You’ll appear in the portal above. Double jump over to the second Keystone and drop into the lower portal again. This time veer back to the center platform. Drop down to the lower portal to appear at the top. Jump over to the portal top left to go to a new section.

There is a door to the top right but you’ll need all four Keystones before you can open it. The picture below shows the path you need to take to grab the 3rd and 4th Keystone.


Once you have them all open the door on the top right and proceed through the portal to a new section. Visit the Ancestral Tree to learn the Bash ability that allows you to dash through the air using lanterns, enemies or enemy projectiles.

Use the Bash ability to dash from the lantern to the Spirit Light Container and then head through the portal to the top left.

Continue up the tree, dodging the fireballs as you go. You’ll need to use the Bash attack on the fireballs shown in the picture below to send the fireball through a portal so it can break a wooden barrier.


Do this again and Bash attack a second time to break the barrier above the Spirit Light Container. Continue up the tree, using Bash attack to reach places you can’t jump to. If you break the barrier to the left using the Bash attack on one of the creatures projectiles you can go through the portal on the left to appear on the right and grab another Energy Cell.

In the next section use the lanterns to dash jump to all of the fourĀ Keystones. Open the door at the top and go through the portal to the right. You’ll have a mini boss fight with a strange creature. Use the Bash attack to direct his projectiles back towards him. A few times and he should be killed. Go through the door to the right to find a Spirit Well and save your game.

Use the lanter to dash up to the top where you’ll find the heart of the Ginso Tree. You’ll need to clear both sides of the heart by going up the tree to the left and right and breaking all of the spikes at the top. On both sides you’ll need to direct enemy projectiles to the top barrier so you can get through. Once you’ve cleared both sides you’ll restore the Element of Water. Now the real challenge begins!

Escaping the Ginso Tree

While escaping the Ginso Tree seems tricky you actually have more time than you think. You’ll be able to pick up all the secrets along the way as long as you keep up a steady pace. Use lanters, enemies and their projectiles to get up to the top of the tree quicker. Once you try it a few times you’ll work out the best path to take, or just watch the video above for a flawless playthrough.

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