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Youkol Village

The Youkol village is quite large so I’ll try to keep the directions as clear as possible. Walk down and the out the door to the top of the screen. Speak with the Shaman Chieftan outside. You’ll discover that Hans is with the Spirit Woman and about to take his ‘final journey’.

Look at the pot just to the right of the door and take the Reindeer Antlers. Walk to the right over the bridge and then north towards the drums. Try to walk past the drums but Kate won’t be able to make it.

Walk south and south again. Look at the leather on the left and pick up the Leather Strap. Kate will automatically combine this with the Reindeer Antlers to make a Slingshot.

Walk north and north again to the drums. Use the Slingshot on the fractured ice stalactite. Shown in the picture below.

Syberia 2 Ice Stalactite

The ice stalactite will drop onto the drum mechanism and stop the beating. You can now walk north into the Spirit Woman’s house.

Have a look at Hans and then talk to the Spirit Woman about everything. You may be able to rescue Hans but you’ll have to enter the dream world to bring him back. In order to do this you need a certain red berry which is thought to be extinct. She will also tell you that the Harfangs can be called with music.

Look at the masks on the wall and take the center Youkol Mask. Walk to the left and look at the table. Take the Prayer Wheel.

Exit the Spirit Woman’s house and walk south, south and south-west. Look at the strange wooden device by the pool. Pick up the Cork Bung on the ground to the right. Take the Empty Flask.

Syberia 2 Youkol Well

Place the Empty Flask on the hook at the back of the device and turn the handle on the right to lower the flask and fill it with water. Turn the handle again to bring the flask back up. Grab the Flask Full of Water. Exit the screen

Walk to the south and have a look at the gate to the Youki enclosure. Pick up the Fish Bone.

Walk to the right, north and then to the north-west over the bridge. Walk north and north to the cave entrance. Take the north-west path into the cave. Walk south towards the ice wall.

Inside the ice wall you’ll notice a Mammoth. To the bottom right of the wall are some tunnels. Inside the tunnels you’ll notice some red fruit. But how to get them? Place the Cork Bung in the hole to the bottom right of the tunnels.

Syberia 2 Ice Tunnel

Exit the screen and have a closer look at the Harfang perch to the right. Place the Prayer Wheel on the perch to attract a Harfang. Walk back to the ice tunnels and have a closer look. The little lemming is scared of the Harfang and will enter the tunnel.

Remove the Cork Bung and place it just in front of the lemming so it can jump across. Remove the Cork Bung and place it just to the right of the lemming.

Grab the Flask Full of Water and pour it into the top hole directly above the lemming. He’ll float to the surface and grab a mouthful of red berries. When he gets stuck Place the Fish Bone in the hole above him so he can use it as a ladder and climb up. The lemming will slide down and drop the red berries, Dream Fruit out the hole.

Pick up the Dream Fruit and run all the way back to the Spirit Woman. She’ll make the mixture and you’ll enter the Dream World.

The Dream World

You’ll enter the dream world in the cave from Syberia 1. Walk north and then around to the back of the cave and pick up the Mammoth Doll that Hans dropped.

Walk back down the path all the way until you come to a courtyard with Anna Voralberg. Talk to her about everything and then continue down the stairs to the left.

Follow the path along and over a bridge. Go down the road to the right and follow it along until you come to the Factory gate to the right. Enter and take the path to the right which leads to the Voralberg mansion.

Go through the front door and enter the room to the left to speak with Mr Voralberg. He won’t let you see Hans. You’ll have to find a way to get him out of the house.

Fixing the Clock

In a previous dialogue we learned that he leaves for work at 7:15. If you go back and talk to Anna again she’ll tell you the same thing.

Walk up the screen and have a look at the top part of the clock. The time is currently 2:45. In order to get the clock working you need to set the bottom section to 2:45 and then swing the pendulum. Have a look at the bottom section of the clock. The left switch moves the time forwards to 15 and 45 minutes of each hour. The right switch moves it forward to 00 and 30 minutes of each hour.

Use the left switch until the time is set to 2:45. Click on the little man at the top left to wind up one side and the little man on the top right to wind up the other side. Now click on the pendulum to start it swinging.

The clock is now working! All you need to do is use the left switch again to set the time to 7:15. Pull the right weight to change the time on the clock above to 7:15. Click on the bell to start the alarm.

Mr. Voralberg will put a key on the table and leave for work. Grab the Attic key and then go up the stairs. Use the Attic Key on the door. Go inside and speak with Hans. He won’t respond. Show him the Mammoth Doll. When you finish talking to him look at the Mechanical Heart on the table to leave the dream world.

Oscar’s Heart

Use your phone and call Oscar. Before doing anything else you’ll need to bring the train into the Youkol village. Exit the house and walk south, south, south-west and south to the Youki enclosure. From here walk north and climb up the bone ladder.

Walk up the steps to the left and then down to the massive windlass (winch). Have a look at the base of it at the end of the path and then pull the right lever. The windlass will turn but it’s not connected to anything.

Walk back down the screen and to the right down the stairs. Walk down the screen and then north, following the train tracks out of the cave. Speak with the Youkols. They seem to be scared of the train.

Keep going towards the train, go inside and speak with Oscar. Talk with him about everything, including the Youkol Mask and Oscar will wear it so he won’t scare the Youkols.

Go back to the Youkols and talk to them about ‘Oscar’ and then ‘Help’. They’ll attach the cable to the train for you. You’ll still need to tighten it though. Go to the front of the train and look at the cable. Click on it to tighten it.

Run back up the stairs and pull the lever to turn the windlass. The train will be pulled into the Youkol village. Walk back down the stairs and then up the screen to climb down the bone ladder.

Go south, east and then north to the train. Walk up the stairs and speak with Oscar.

Syberia 2 Youkol Village Train

Run all the way back to the Spirit Woman’s house and have a look at Oscar. You’ll need to open his heart. Press the two buttons indicating 7:15 as this is an important time for Hans.

Syberia 2 Oscar's Heart Puzzle

Now click the buttons for north, south, east and west, or the sign of a cross and a Key will appear.

Syberia 2 Oscar's Heart Key

You’ll take the Voralberg Key automatically and then Oscar will open up. Hans and Oscar will merge into one.

The Ark

Han’s still needs to rest but it’s time to prepare for the journey. Follow the path back to the train and go inside. Have a look at the train console. There are three things you need to do here. Collect coal, water and melt the ice ahead of the train with steam.

Use the Voralberg Key on the top center of the console, between the two top gauges.

Collecting Coal: Pull the top right lever up, the top left lever up to engage the collection snake and the switch to the far right of the steering wheel to collect the coal. The top right gauge will show that the coal is full.

Syberia 2 Collecting Coal

Collecting Water: Next we need water. Pull the top right lever down this time and then pull the top left lever down to lower the collection snake into the water. Flick the switch to the right of the center wheel to draw up the water into the engine. The top left gauge will now indicate that the water is full.

Syberia 2 Collecting Water

Making Steam: Lastly turn the large brown wheel to the left and then the smaller grey wheel just to the left of the center wheel. Now flick the switch just to the left of the steam gauge to melt the ice in front of the train.

Syberia 2 Making Steam

Exit the train, go down the stairs and then run to the right and then upwards. Speak with the Chief Youkol standing outside the Ark. He tells you to go and get your friend before returning to the Ark.

Walk to the south, right and then right across the bridge. South and south again to the Youki enclosure. Have a look at the gate and then untie the rope to let little Youki out. Follow Youki to the west back to the Ark. Get on board the Ark and watch the cut-scene.

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