You’ll find the noticeboard for the Chapter 5 contracts outside the Field Hospital in Old Vizima. There are 5 separate contracts for this chapter and for most of them you’ll need to visit the Swamp Cemetery.

Bloedzuiger Contract

The Eldest Druid in the Druid Caves in the Swamp Cemetery wants 10 measures of Bloedzuiger Blood. These creatures are all over the place in the Swamp Cemetery so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding them and completing this quest. Bring the Bloedzuiger Blood back to the Eldest Druid for your reward of 200 Orens.

Bruxa Contract

Jean-Pierre in Old Vizima wants 3 vials of Bruxa Blood. You can find Bruxa near the Chapel in the Swamp Cemetery at night. This is where you’ll find Lilly for The Vampiress of the Swamp quest so be careful approaching her. Bring the Bruxa Blood back to Jean-Pierre for 250 Orens.

Cemetaur Contract

The Desperate Father in the Refugee Camp close to the Chapel is looking for 5 Cemetaur Jaws. The Cemetaurs will spawn in two places, near the Tower in Old Vizima and in the Crypts in the Swamp Cemetery. Bring the Cemetaur jaws back to the Father for your reward of 250 Orens.

Garkain Contract

This contract requires you to deliver 2 Ounces of Garkain Saliva to Kalkstein who can be found in Old Vizima. Garkains can be found at night near the Chapel in the Swamp Cemetery. There should be a group of them around the Garkain Vesper which is a trophy quest. Bring the Garkain Saliva back to Kalkstein for your reward of 250 Orens.

Wraith Contract

For this contract Kalkstein wants 4 Handfuls of Death Dust. He can be found in Old Vizima and the Death Dust can be found on the Noonwraiths in Chapter 4 or the Wraiths in Raven’s Crypt and near the Chapel in the Swamp Cemetery. Once you have the four handfuls of Death Dust bring it back to Kalkstein for your reward of 300 Orens.

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