A Gnomish Device is the quest to recreate Raven’s Armor. It can only be taken if you’ve followed the Scoia’tael path. For the Neutral path see A Magic Formula and for the Order path see Saint Gregory’s Litany.

Once you’ve rescued Shani from the hospital you’ll have the chance to explore Old Vizima. Visit the Dwarven Blacksmith and ask him about re-making Raven’s Armour. He tells you he can but he’ll need a Bifunctional Fiber and Alloy Recirculator. You’ll also need the Notes of an Elven Minstrel, the Remains of Raven’s Armor and and a Piece of Armor.

The Notes of an Elven Minstrel can be found in a Sarcophagus in the Striga’s Crypt in the Swamp Cemetery. Raven’s Armor can be found in a Crypt in a Cave in the eastern side of the Swamp Cemetery. The Piece of Armor can be found in the Crypt in the Lakeside in Murky Waters in Chapter 4. This is where Geralt first meets Berengar.

The Alloy Recirculator can be found in a Crypt under the Old Mine in the Swamp Cemetery. To access the Crypt you’ll need to trigger the Wayfarer’s Stone by using Witcher Signs on it. The signs you need to use in order are Igni, Igni again, followed by Aard. Once inside you’ll find the Bifunctional Fiber and Alloy Recirculator hidden in a Dwarven Trunk.

Bring all of the pieces back to the Dwarven Blacksmith and he will recreate Raven’s Armor for you.

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