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Mission 1: The Hidden Valley


Destroy all the Infected
Colony Population: 300
Resist all Swarms

The first mission is rather simple and lets you get the hang of the new mechanics. First build 3 Tents, then a Sawmill for the wood and Fisherman or Hunters Cottage for the food. Use your Rangers to extend out your vision and place Tesla Towers to extend the range you can build. Head south first until you find the Stone, then build a Quarry to harvest it.

There’s only one swarm at Day 20 if you’re playing on 100%. They will come from the north so make sure you start blocking off the norther side of your town at least a few days before. Place a few dozen Rangers behind the gate and you should be fine.

Mission 2: The Last Bunker

The first hero mission is not too difficult. Make sure you hover over all the items to find the Empire and Research points. The locations are randomized each time.

Head to the south and you’ll find the Dormitory blocked. You’ll need to go around. Along the way you’ll find 2 Soldiers to help you out.

Clear the rest of the map, get the Artifact and get out. Keep your distance from tunnels where Infected can continually spawn.

Mission 3: The Crossroads


Population: 400
Destroy all Villages of Doom

I recommend researching Expert Workshops and Cereal Farming. This allows you to build Farms on fertile land and produce a ton of food for your colony.

Use your Rangers to clear out the Infected that are too close to the Command Center. Extend the Telsa Towers out and grab the Stone to the east. Build the Soldiers Center and start training Rangers.

There are no waves so you don’t need to worry about that. Just start clearing the land to the north. Grab a couple dozen Rangers and take out the Village of Doom in the center. Continue north and finish off the larger Village of Doom. Once they’ve been cleared and you have the 400 colonists the mission will be complete.

Mission 4: The Hunter’s Meadow


Population: 400

Before this mission I researched Reinforced Projectiles to increase Ranger attack damage by 20%. The difficulty in this mission is that your town is so open that Zombies can wander in from any direction.

Set up your Rangers to patrol the outskirts of your town until you get the Soldier’s Center up and running. You don’t need to clear all the Infected, just build enough accommodation for 600 colonists.

The more compact your town the less land you’ll need to reclaim from the Infected. Use Cottages to reduce the amount of space you need.

Mission 5: Alpha Communications Center

Alpha Communications is quite a bit larger than the first mission. You’ll begin in the southeast corner. Once again all Empire and Research point locations are random so you’ll need to hover over each item to see if you can search it.

Enter the building and start clearing out the rooms. On the eastern side there’s an Infected Chubby wandering around inside the kitchen. Approach it carefully and kite it around to kill it.

On the northeastern side you’ll find a group of Rebels. They’re Snipers that will help you out once you get to the Radio-Antennas Park.

Use Grenades and the 5 Snipers to thin down the horde of Infected. You can then begin searching around for more points and the Artifact.

Mission 6: The Weapons Factory

Starting in the the southwest you’ll need to enter the compound and find all the Empire and Research points before grabbing the artifact. This map has a few traps for the Infected. Down one hallway you’ll find a row of Turrets.

And in another room there are Mines that can be used to take out the Infected Chubby.

Grab the artifact in a room in the far northeast corner and head back to the entrance to escape.

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