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The Foundry

The Foundry is a fairly straightforward hero mission. You should have upgraded your hero by now for extra damage or speed. On some parts of the floor you’ll see molten metal. Stay away from it and try to lure the infected over it if you can.

The Nest of the Harpy


Colony Population: 1600
Destroy all the Infected
Destroy all Villages of Doom

You begin in the south with room to expand to the east and west. Clear out the infected in the lower section of the map until you reach the choke point between the mountains leading to the north. You’ll only need to worry about the pass between the mountains and swarms coming from the east or west.

Build up an army large enough to take on the large harpy nest in the northeast corner. A large group of between 100 to 200 soldiers should be fine. Clear out the harpies and the rest of the infected to complete the mission.

Swarms III

Gamma Medical Center Swarm

You’ll be facing harpies for this swarm. I placed barricades to the south and around the command post with soldiers behind them. Move the soldiers around to wherever the harpies start to break through.

Valley of Death Swarm

There are a lot of paths for the infected to take. Just place soldiers and barricades if you want, near the entrances to the command post. It will take a little while for the infected to make their way towards you so once your soldiers are in position sit back and relax.

Noxious Swamp Swarm

Over 6,500 infected block the path to the Noxious Swamp. The map is fairly open so you’ll want to keep your soldiers close to the outpost. Block off the nearby entrances with barricades and place soldiers behind them. Move your soldiers around if the zombies start to break through in one section.

Gamma Medical Center

For the first time in a hero mission you’ll be facing harpies. They can be found in rooms to the southwest and southeast. I recommend clearing out the northern section first to grab supplies. Use grenades to kill a harpy or pause and use a medpack if they’re already in close combat with you.

The Valley of Death


Colony Population: 1500
Destroy all the Infected
Destroy all Villages of Doom

The infected are more active in this region because sound travels further across the barren desert. Use the fertile land immediately around the outpost for farmland and put your housing on the sand.

As you spread out the infected will be drawn to your colony like a wave. Make sure you have enough soldiers or rangers to deal with them. Putting up walls also helps to slow them down.

There is more fertile land up to the northwest from your starting location. Use it for more farmland, get the 1500 colonists and clear the map to complete the mission.

The Prison

A hero mission with lots of runners. Head to the west first and enter the prison. Make your way towards the blocked entrance and you’ll find the 2 Lucifers.

With the Lucifers by your side clear out the rest of the infected including the large open yard in the center.

The Noxious Swamp


Colony Population: 1800
Destroy all the Infected
Destroy all Villages of Doom
Resist all Swarms

Watch out for the spitters on this map, they can wipe out your entire army in no time. Soldiers are a little more durable than rangers, but try to keep them in towers when facing large hordes of spitters.

You’ll get swarms at day 15, 30, 45 and 60. Use multiple rows of towers with soldiers inside. Ballistae work well but shock towers may not have the range.

The Villa of Terror


Colony Population: 2000
Destroy all the Infected
Destroy all Villages of Doom
Resist all Swarms

There’s a large village of doom in the center of the map but you have plenty of space to build up your economy and army before wiping it out. You will get swarms at day 16, 32, 48 and 60.

Use Thanatos or Titans to help you out, if you have them unlocked. Otherwise a big group of Soldiers will be enough to wipe out the villages. Place defences for the final wave and complete the mission.

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