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After the bike ride walk to the east for the first fight.

Fight (): Goldwalk Boulevard

Walk to the east and you’ll run into two upgraded versions of the Creep 2.0 with a 3-way beam attack as well as a group of Bad Cells. For the small enemies I like using Jaunt () with Breach () tp dash through enemies and kill them instantly. Take out the Creeps and Mask or hide while you’re waiting in between turns.

Once you’ve taken out the enemies head north to the Terminal to order a meal. Once you finish you’ll be ambushed in this small alley.

Fight (): The Original Junction Jan’s

There’s just one Creep 2.0 for this fight as well as 3 Weeds. Take out the Weeds first so the Creep can’t be healed and then finish off the Creep.

After the fight head to the northwest to the next Access Point. From here head to the southwest and go through the Goldwalk Channel. You’ll be attacked by numerous Weeds.

Fight (): Goldwalk Channel

This fight introduces you to Packets. You can hit them with an attack like Crash () and they’ll be knocked back and explode. There’s a whole bunch of Weeds but you can kill them easily with the exploding packets.

Just when you think you’re done a Jerk 2.0 will appear. Clear up any remaining weeds so the Jerk can’t heal and then use whatever abilities you have to finish him off.

If you level up at this point you’ll be able to choose between the Load () and Switch () functions. Load () leaves explosive packets and Switch () changes the allegiance of enemies so they fight for you for a short time. Take your pick and then head to the northeast.

You’ll pass an Access Point and then another Terminal. Go through to the northwest to the Goldwalk Plaza. Walk south to the Access Point and then northwest to another fight.

Fight (): Goldwalk Thoroughfare

This fight is similar to the previous fights except you’ll have 2 Creeps and 5 Weeds. Take out the Weeds first so the Creeps can’t heal and then use your favorite functions to deal with the Creeps. Watch out for othe 3-way beam attacks by Masking or hiding behind the columns.

After the fight save your game at the Access Point and then go through the Passthrough to the north. Make your way up to the northeast for a fight with a new enemy, the Cheerleader.

Fight (): Ampitheatre Parkway

The Cheerleader emits a ray that shields other enemies and should always be your first priority. Luckily there is a Packet near the Cheerleader so use Crash () to knock the packet into it or take it out using your other functions.

With the Cheerleader out of the way take out the remaining Creeps to end the fight. There’s an Access Point to the north and then an exit to the Ampitheatre Parkway.

Head to the west and by the water to the south you’ll notice a dead man, Precht, Q. Inspect the man to bring him along although unfortunately he doesn’t give us any new functions. Continue to the north for the next fight.

Fight (): The Empty Set

The Young Lady has been upgraded to version 2.0 and has twice the firepower. There are a number of Weeds nearby and 2 Cheerleaders will spawn to protect the Lady. I dash around to take out the Weeds first, then destroy the Cheerleaders when they spawn in so you can deal with the Young Lady last.

After the fight make your way northwest to the Access Point and the exit to The Empty Set. Go through and you’ll see a Terminal where you can vote on next month’s show.

Follow the path north all the way to the set. Interact with the microphone by holding Tab and Red will hum along to the music. After the cutscene and flashback you’ll be in a battle with Sybil.

Boss Fight: Sybil Reisz

1st Form: 600 HP
2nd Form: 800 HP
3rd Form: 1200 HP

Sybil has three forms so you’ll need to defeat her three times. She attacks by lunging at you with her umbrella. She can smash through columns so make sure you keep your distance as much as possible.

You can use Breach () to kill her fairly quickly while staying out of the way between turns. Once again I preferred to use Jaunt () upgraded with Breach () to dash through her and do damage.

For the second form a number of Weeds will spawn. If you’re using Jaunt () upgraded with Breach () just dash through them in a turn. Then focus fire on Sybil to take her out again.

For the third form Sybil will spawn in 2 Cheerleaders to protect her and a Creep. You’ll need to kill the Cheerleaders first or you won’t be able to hit Sybil. She has 1200 HP for this final phase so you’ll need to conserve your health as much as possible. Mask between turns to help you stay alive.

After the fight finish of Sybil as she crawls along the floor. You’ll be given quite a bit of experience taking you to level 4. You’ll also get the Help () function which can be used to call in a dog called Luna. This function is really helpful in a fight so I recommend you at least try it out in an active slot.

Head to the southeast to the Access Point and then ride the boat to the next section.

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