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As soon as you land you’ll be straight into a fight with an upgraded Fetch.

Fight (): The Empty Set – Stage

This Fetch 3.0 has a Stunning Bark that can stop you doing anything unless your inside a Turn. Try to Backstab and take him out quickly before he has the chance to chase you around. Finish off the 2 Weeds to end the fight.

Take the path down to the southwest and take a look at the Cluckers. Continue to the southwest to the OVC Terminal. Read the message and then go through the Ampitheatre Parkway.

Use the Access Point if you want and then walk to the southwest. Kill the 3 Weeds and continue down the path for the next fight.

Fight (): The Empty Set

To the south you’ll notice 2 Cluckers and 2 Creeps. The Creeps can do the most damage so take them out first and then chase down the Cluckers.

For an optional fight head to the west. You’ll notice 3 Creeps and a Weed outside a Box Office. This isn’t technically a fight as there’s no experience to be gained. Deal with them and then enter the Box Office for the next official fight.

Fight (): The Empty Set – Box Office

Inside you’ll find 2 Cheerleaders, a Snapshot and a Weed protected by columns. If you have the Jaunt ability you can easily dash towards them. Otherwise you’ll need to smash through the barriers to reach them. Deal with the Cheerleaders first then the other enemies.

Use the OVC Terminal to hear about the final hours of Cloudbank then head back outside.

Take the path on the eastern side of this large area. Transistor will turn red again. Follow the path along to the Goldwalk Thoroughfare.

There are Weeds and Creeps here taking care of the city. You can get into a fight with them if you want but you won’t get any experience. Instead just walk straight past them and continue on your way to the Passthrough in the southwest.

On the other side you’ll find an Access Terminal and a Backdoor. If you enter the Backdoor there should be one new test waiting for you, as well as any others that your yet to complete. When you’re done head to the southeast for the next fight.

Fight (): Goldwalk Channel

First take out the 2 Cheerleaders. There’s one to the left and one to the right. As you move avoid the disrupted areas caused by the Cluker’s bombs or your turn will end. Both the Snapshots and the Cluckers are pretty annoying so it’s up to you who you want to take out first. In all there are 2 Cheerleaders, 2 Cluckers and 3 Snapshots.

Use the Access Point if you want and head to the southeast. You’ll need to smash your way through all of the columns blocking the path. On the other side you’ll find an OVC Terminal just to the north. Once you’ve read the message continue down to the south. When you see the bike the next fight will begin.

Fight (): Goldwalk Expressway

A new enemy appears which will be called Man. He often goes into stealth mode so you’ll need to wait for him to appear. He also sends out drones called Haircuts that do a ton of damage when they explode near you. Just one Man is not too difficult to deal with. Try to get in a backstab for additional damage.

After the fight investigate the bike and you’ll ride it to the next area. When you arrive take the Courtyard exit to the southeast.

Don’t be alarmed by all the YoungLadies and Cells. Just stay out of their way and they won’t attack. Take the exit to the south and continue along the path to the south until the Jerk 3.0 attacks.

Fight (): Promenade Pathway

The Jerk will pull you over the missing bridge and try to stomp on you. Initiate your turn and take him out.

Go through the exit to the Promenade. In the next room you’ll see a line up of Snapshots. They’ll start taking pictures when you get close.

Fight (): Goldwalk Promenade

Summon Help () if you’re still using it as the Snapshots won’t attack right away. There are 5 of them here and they’re more annoying then difficult.

After the fight take a look at the large poster of Red on the wall. Make your way down to the south. Use the Access Point and check out the OVC Terminal before heading through the High-Pass.

Head over the bridge to the west and exit to the 16th St. Port. When you come out you’ll be attacked.

Fight (): 16th Street High-Pass

This time you’ll be attacked by 2 of the Man processes. Using Void to weaken them and then Cull to finish them off works really well. You should be able to take out one Man process each Turn. Each Man can have a different buff. One of these is “Speedy” and the other is “Stealthy”.

Continue down to the south and you’ll meet Royce speaking through a Proxy. Follow the Proxy to the south. This is where you started the game but it looks quite different now.

Use the OVC Terminal further to the south and you’ll build a bridge over to Fairview. Walk over the bridge and take the exit to Fairview.

Continue across the walkway to the northwest. You’ll find an Access Point and an exit to the Gateway. Go through the exit and you’ll be on the roof above. Go back through the Gateway and you’ll be taken to the door on the other side.

Walk north to the Proxy, have a chat and then go through the next Gateweay. You’ll be upside down now so make your way along the path to the next Gateway.

Take the exit labelled Current and you’ll be taken to Fairview and immediately into a fight.

Fight (): Fairview Field

There’s another 2 Man processes to deal with. One of them is Stealthy and the other is Shooty. You might want to deal with the Shooty one first as the Stealthy one can’t be hit until he comes out of stealth mode. Try to kill the Haircuts in between Turns and don’t let them get too close.

Take the Current exit to the northwest to go to the next area. Use the Access Point if you want and then step out into the middle of the room for the next fight.

Fight (): Fairview Sanctuary

For this fight there are 3 Man processes to deal with. One is Speedy, one is Stealthy and the other is Sturdy. The Man processes will start to heal up when left alone so focus down one Man at a time and kill it before moving onto the next.

Take the next Current exit to the northwest. You’ll get a short cutscene of Red and the Transistor.

Speak with the Proxy if you want, then use the Access Point to change up any functions and head through the Gateway.

Fight (): Fairview Manors

Once again there are 3 Man processes to fight. One is Speedy, one is Sturdy and the last is Shooty. Watch out for those Haircut drones and deal with them as you have in the previous fights.

Walk to the southwest and take the Current exit to the next location. Check out the OVC Terminal to decode a message and then head through the Gateway.

Once again you’ll be upside down. Just follow the path to the next Gateway and you’ll be the right way up again. Walk to the south and then to the west to the Access Point and next Current exit. Take the exit to the next location. As you step forwards you’ll be in the next fight.

Fight (): Fairview Woods

This time there are only 2 Man processes. One is Shooty and the other is Sturdy. You should be able to deal with them fairly easily now.

Take the Current exit to the northeast. Use the Access Point and then take the exit to the west for an OVC Terminal with a message from Royce. Take the exit back and this time take the exit to the northeast.

There’s one last Backdoor here so go inside if you want to finish off any tests. Come back out and head to the north to another OVC Terminal. Come back and take the Current to the southeast. Continue down to the south for the next fight.

Fight (): Bracket Residence

This time there are 4 Man processes to deal with! One is Stealthy, one Speedy, one Shooty and the last is Sturdy. I used Void and Cull to kill them all one at a time. Stay out of range of the exploding Haircuts and you should be fine.

After the battle follow the Proxy to the east. Wait for the barriers to lower as you make your way along the path to the cradle. Place the Transistor in the cradle and you’ll be taken to the final boss fight.

Boss Fight (): Royce Bracket

When the fight starts you’ll be able to select your functions. You have access to every function in the game. You may have found some favorites and there are many ways to defeat Royce. I preferred to use Void (), Cull (), Mask () with Load () and Jaunt (). When you’ve finished selecting your functions the battle will begin.

Royce has 1000 HP but he’ll come back to life just as you do when you lose a function. This means you’ll have to defeat him 4 times. In total he has 4000 HP.

Royce will go first and there’s nothing you can do about it. After his turn try to follow him so you don’t have too far to run when your turn begins. Hopefully you’ve found a way to do over 1000 damage so you can take out one of his lives in a single turn.

Defeat Royce 4 times to complete the game. Congratulations on winning Transistor! Enjoy the final cutscene and ending credits.

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