Ultima Underworld WalkthroughUltima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss is a fantastic role playing adventure game set in a vast fantasy world. You play the role of Avatar, wrongly accused of kidnapping a girl and sent into the Abyss for your crimes.

There are 8 levels in total with hostile and friendly inhabitants to be found in every corner. As you progress your character will level up and you’ll learn new skills at the shrines scattered throughout the Abyss. Ultima Underworld has a deep storyline and you can explore as much of the Abyss as you like without necessarily progressing with the story.

Unlike many RPGs taking someone’s items will actually make them angry. Resources are scarce in the Abyss so take time to explore each level fully. Each of the levels and areas are handcrafted. You won’t mistake one for another as they are all unique. Check out the Ultima Underworld walkthrough below and continue reading for more game play tips.

Ultima Underworld Walkthrough

Level 1 – Human Enclave and Goblins

Level 2 – Mountainmen

Level 3 – Lizardmen and Bandits

Level 4 – Knights of the Order of Crux Ansata and Trolls

Level 5 – Ghouls and Mages

Level 6 – Seers of the Moonstone

Level 7 – The Prison

Level 8 – Chamber of Virtue

Ultima Underworld Gameplay Tips

  • You can use keyboard shortcuts as well as using the mouse. W, A, S, D for movement and Q, E for ascending and descending with the levitation spell.
  • When creating a character you can pres Esc to go back and roll again if you don’t like the stats.
  • Try talking before fighting. Right click on a creature to see its current state (friendly, mellow, upset or hostile). Even scary creatures might be friendly.
  • Turn off your light source before sleeping. If you’re a spell caster you can cast light with the In Lor spell and won’t need to carry many torches.
  • Make sure your character has good vitality which measures how much you can carry.
  • Left click on the center of the compass to get your current status and time of day. It will let you know if you’re hungry or need to sleep.
  • Most useful skills are Combat skills depending on the weapons you’re using, Casting, Mana, Lore, Search, Acrobat and Repair.

Ultima Underworld Spells

These are the documented spells. There are a number of others that you will come across as you explore the Abyss such as jump, sheet lightning and water walking.

Ultima Underworld Spells

Undocumented Spells

Jump (Uus Por) – Found on level 1 to the southeast in the imp chamber

Thick Skin (In Sanct) – Found on level 2 in the the room with the orb

Water Walk (Ylem Por) – Found on level 3 after showing Iss’leek the red gem

Armageddon (Vas Kal Corp) – Found on level 4 and taught by a wisp

Curse (An Sanct) – Stones are found on level 4 in a pouch in the room with Sethar Strongarm

Smite Undead (An Corp Mani) – Found on level 5 on a ledge over the lava river

Monster Summoning (Kal Mani) – Found on level 6 in a box to the west

Sheet Lightning (Vas Ort Grav) – Found on level 6 from the talking door to the far southwest


Level 1: 

Attack Skills: SUMM RA (On plaque in the shrine room)

Magic Skills: MU AHM (On Plaque in the shrine room)

Other Skills: OM CAH (On Plaque in the shrine room)

Level 2:

Appraise: HUNN (Found on a scroll)

Attack: RA (Found on a scroll)

Charm: UN (Found on a scroll)

Repair: LON (Taught by Shak in the mines)

Search: LU (Found on a scroll)

Level 3:

Acroboat: FAL (Found in a book)

Defense: ANRA (Found on a plaque)

Swimming: ONO (Found on a scroll in Zak’s room)

Track: SAHF (Found in a book)

Unarmed: ORA (On a plaque)

Level 4:

Axe: GAR (Taught by Kyle)

Mace: KOH (Taught by Cecil)

Missile: FAHM (Taught by Meredith)

Sword: AMO (Taught by Doris)

Level 5:

Lore: LAHN (Found in the tombs)

Picklock: AAM (Found in a book)

Sneak: MUL (Found in a book)

Traps: ROMM (Found in a book)

Level 6:

Casting: SOL (Found in a book in the library)

Mana: IMU (Found on a scroll)

Summoning Objects:

Cup of Wonder: INSAHN (See Level 6)

Key of Truth: FANLO (See Level 7)

Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss was published by Origin Systems in 1992. What was unique about this game was that you could roam around in a vast 3D environment and explore as much of the dungeons as you wish before completing various parts of the storyline.

Ultima Underworld is located in Britannia and is set after the events of Ultima VI which was released two years earlier.

Sales for Ultima Underworld took off quite slowly  but soon gained traction with half a million copies being sold. It was hailed as “the next true step in the RPG genre“.

A year later Ultima Underworld 2 was released and in 2015 work has begun on a sequel to these two games called Underworld Ascendant. Make sure you stay tuned for walkthroughs of both of these games in the near future.