1. Entrance to Ruins
  2. Fight with Soldiers
  3. Letho

Once you’ve dealt with the Dragon in Chapter 3 you’ll make your way back to the ruins of Loc Muinne. As you climb over the walls you’ll meet either Triss, Roche or Iorveth, depending on the decisions you made throughout the rest of the game.

There’s one last thing to do, confront Letho. Make your way to Letho (3). Along the way you’ll run into a gang of Soldiers (2), either raping the Sorceresses or wanting to collect a bounty on your head. What decisions you made earlier will determine what realm the soldiers are from. If you followed Roche’s path and went to find Triss then Roche will be lying wounded nearby.

Whatever the case continue on your way to Letho (3). When you meet him you’ll have a chance to have all of your questions answered. If you didn’t rescue Triss in Chapter 3 Letho will have protected her and she’ll be standing nearby.

Letho will explain all of his motives and says that he doesn’t want to fight you. At this point you can let him walk away or choose to fight him. You should be much tougher than your last encounter in Chapter 1 so this fight will be much easier.

For the last scene you’ll be walking away with Triss, Triss and Roche or Triss and Iorveth, depending on your choices throughout Witcher 2.

Congratulations on completing Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings!