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After the Prologue you’ll make your way off the boat and into Flotsam. The elves will give you a hard time so stay within Triss’ protective shield. Details can be found in the quest A Rough Landing.

In the town of Flotsam you’ll want to rescue your friends Zoltan and Dandelion who are about to be executed. See By the Gods – Stringing Up Sods. Once they’ve been rescued enter the Tavern and speak with your friends.

After the discussion a beast will attack from the lake. This starts The Kayran main quest. Once this quest has begun speak with Cedric in Lobinden about it. From here you’re free to complete most of the side quests if you wish. The side quests for this chapter will be closed off once you go with Zoltan to meet Iorveth in The Assassins of Kings quest.

Main Quests

A Rough Landing
At a Crossroads: Scoia’tael
At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche
By the Gods – Stringing Up Sods
Death to the Traitor
Indecent Proposal
The Assassins of Kings
The Floating Prison
The Kayran
The Rose of Remembrance
Where is Triss Merigold?

Side Quests

A Sword for Monsters
Bring it On: Flotsam
Blasphemer’s Outfit [Dark]
Fight Club
Hung Over
In the Claws of Madness
Little Shop of Dreams
Margot’s Disappearance
Melitele’s Heart
Mystic River
One on One: Flotsam
Poker Face: Flotsam
The Ballista
The Endrega contract
The Nekker Contract
The Scent of Incense
Troll Trouble

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