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The Duchess Anna Henrietta is incensed that you let Dettlaff get away and throws you in prison until she can decide a fitting punishment.

Speak to the inmate Handsome Jacques in the prison yard and he’ll reveal that he can get items for other inmates. Check out the prison notices if you want for a side quest examine the wall with your Witcher senses. You can pull out the brick and play Gwent with the inmates on the other side. They also have a quest for you, The Perks of Being a Jailbird.

Follow Jacques to the laundry and pick up the Dirty Clothes and the Soap. You can find the Soap by the stairs where you came down and the clothes are in a box. Interact with the laundry tub and pick up a stick. this begins a cutscene.

You’ll be attacked by some men from your past. It’s 3 versus 1 but if you use Axii it will only be 2 versus 1. Once you’ve defeated them the guards will run in and start a conversation with you.

A week later you’ll still be in prison but the guards will change and you’ll be taken away to meet Damien de la Tour. He is furious but tells you that you’re free to go because a certain bard has spoken up on your behalf.

Dandlion will then appear and tell you that he’s managed to calm the Duchess down a bit and that you are free to go and may keep Corvo Bianco. If you spared Dettlaff then you’ll get no reward but if you fought him you’ll get 3,750 Crowns.

Before you leave make sure you pick up all of your belongings from the chest in the small room between the two gates. Regis will be waiting for you and tell you who he thinks was the intended 5th victim.

You can choose to investigate this and reveal the information to the Duchess or simply go and have a drink with Regis. Considering the Duchess never wants to see you again it’s probably best to go have a drink with Regis.

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