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The Duchess is not happy that you failed in your quest to find Dettlaff. Before the conversation can continue a wounded soldier appears and tells you that vampires are attacking the city.

At that moment a Bruxa will attack you and the guards. Anna will be quickly escorted away and you’ll be left to deal with it. Kill it and then you’ll have a conversation with Regis where you decide what to do. Your decisions aren’t set in stone and you can change your mind afterwards. If you tell Regis that you want to find Syanna he’ll go with you into the city, otherwise you’re on your own for a while.

The city is filled with monsters and vampires so make sure you’re stocked up on Swallow Potions, Vampire Oil and anything else you need for difficult fights.

The path to see Orianna or Syanna is the same for the first section. You’ll need to make your way into the city and you’ll pass by a Katakan, Garkain and a Fleder along the way.

When you get to a square and explosion will go off. Examine one of the bodies and then follow the blood trail to the infirmary. Make your way to the wagon barricade and enter the main market area. You’ll be attacked by an Alp and a Bruxa at the same time. These ladies are very fast and do a ton of damage. Try to keep a Yrden trap on the ground and have Quen active when possible.

Once you’ve defeated the vampires the path will split depending on whether you are going to see Orianna or Syanna.

Path to Orianna

Continue heading towards the map marker to the southeast and you’ll be confronted by another Garkain. Take it out and then continue on to Lady Orianna’s Estate. Listen to the guards chatting out the front if you want and then go inside.

Orianna is in a hurry and you’ll end up going with her to the orphanage. You can use Axii on the injured boy to find out what happened. Orianna will tell you to get out and kill the beast that attacked him while she attends to the boys wounds. This leads on to the Blood Simple quest.

Path to Syanna

Follow the tracks leading to the north and as you get near the Cianfanelli Bank you’ll be attacked by another Fleder. Kill it and then talk to Damien. He’ll tell you that he doesn’t know where Syanna is but he last saw her being escorted to the palace playroom.

If Regis isn’t with you talk to the birds and they’ll fly off to find Regis. If he’s with you then you can go straight to the playroom or tell him you’ll meet him there.

Along the way you’ll be attacked by more vampires. At this point you may just want to ride past them to avoid fighting.

Once you reach the palace playroom examine the body outside the door and interact with the door. Regis will open it from the inside. Go upstairs and use your Witcher senses to look around. Look for the Journal and Geralt will read it aloud. You’ll also find a Golden Key behind a painting. Use it to open the locked wardrobe. Inside you’ll find the book on fables. Once you interact with it you’ll be taken to the Beyond Hill and Dale… quest.

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