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You can begin A Feast for Crows after meeting with Cleaver in his shop near Hierarch Square. You’ll need to find the body of a victim to initiate the quest. See map below for the quest starting point.

Use your Witcher senses to smell the stench of a decomposing body. Follow the scent off to a grassy area where you’ll find a man’s body. Inspect the corpse to discover that he was wounded by a sword which severed an artery and made him bleed to death. Loot the body for a Key.

Use your Witcher senses to have a look around the area. You’ll find a trail of blood leading towards the body and footprints. Apparently the man was trying to get away from someone. Backtrack along the trail to find out where they came from. You’ll trace the footprints back to a building and find Cleaver’s Dwarves inside.

The Dwarves aren’t happy that you’ve found them out and demand you either hand over the key or fight. If you hand over the Key they’ll reward you with a measly 20 Crowns. If you fight them you can then explore the building and find a chest with a random amount of Crowns and Florens upstairs.

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