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Towards the end of the Get Junior quest an announcer will appear in the middle of the Hierarch Square. He’ll be calling out about the Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby. Walk up to the table and pick up the Invitation to the Memorial Derby.

Make your way out to the Vegelbud Residence and talk to the Race Master to begin the races. You’ll need to pay an entrance fee of 100 Crowns for each of the three races.

All of the races take different routes and they’re quite long so you might want to save the game before talking to the Race Master.

After winning the first race you’ll be given the Superior Racing Saddle. After the second race the Rugged Saddlebags. The third race is against Luc Vegelbud. Once you win you’ll be rewarded with the Superior Cavalry Saddle.

Head down the stairs and one of Cleaver’s men will congratulate you on your win and hands you a Message asking you to visit him at his headquarters.

Go back to Novigrad and speak to Cleaver. He’ll ask you to enter the race on his behalf. Once you accept you’ll be taken straight to the race and you only have one chance to win.

The race is long so get ready to conserve Stamina. If you win Cleaver will give you a bonus of 700 Crowns on top of what you earn for the race. You’ll also get the Racing Horse Blinders. Soon after the race the Temple Guards will break up the crowd. They won’t attack unless you get involved so just walk away.

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