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This quest begins in Novigrad although you’ll need to travel to Skellige to complete it. That means completing the Destination: Skellige quest if you haven’t already. Behind The Golden Sturgeon you’ll meet a man named Nidas who wants to go to Skellige to find a Black Pearl for his wife. If you agree to help him he’ll tell you to meet in the Skellige Isles, north of Arinbjorn.

After arriving in Skellige use the map marker to find where Nidas is waiting for you. He’ll walk with you down to the water’s edge where he explains that you will be the one diving for the pearl.

Swim out a little way and dive down to begin searching for a Black Pearl. You may be attacked by Sirens out here so be ready with the crossbow. On the way back Nidas will be attacked by Drowners. Quickly get back to shore and kill the Drowners before they kill Nidas.

Talk to Nidas again to find out he didn’t bring his purse with him so he can’t pay you but promises to give you the Crowns once you return to Novigrad. Return to the Golden Sturgeon in Novigrad and speak with Nidas. He’ll tell you his story and give you 10 Crowns for your trouble.

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