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Novigrad, Closed City takes place in two different locations and deals with two different events. You can do them in any order. The second part of the quest may be labelled Novigrad, Closed City II in your journal.


To the northwest of hierarch Square you may be called over by a few Bandits. They ask you to help look for their “companion” who was last seen heading towards the harbor. If you agree use your Witcher senses to follow the tracks and the scent to a Witch Hunter. The Bandits really wanted to get back at the Witch Hunter for burning their Fisstech.

You can either leave the Bandits to their dirty work or stop them hurting the Witch Hunter. If you step in you’ll have to fight 3 level 14 Bandits. Once they’ve been defeated you have the option of taking the wounded Witch Hunter to Vilmerius Hospital for treatment.

This quest will be marked as completed but will be activated again once you come across the second part.

Lussi, Fritz & Walter

Towards the northern end of St. Gregory’s Bridge you may be called over by a woman named Lussi. She’ll tell you that her house is haunted and wants you to follow her to check it out.

When you arrive at the house 2 Witch Hunters will be there ransacking the house. Deal with the Witch Hunters and Lussi will give you a Key to a treasure. It’s one of three keys that you need to open a safe. Read the Warrant from the Witch Hunters and you’ll find two other names on the list. You’ll need to find them to get the other keys.

Fritz’s House

Follow the map marker to the house between Hierarch Square and Oxenfurt Gate. Inside you’ll find the dead body of Fritz. The Witch Hunters have already been here. Head up to the second floor and light the Torch next to the stairs to reveal a secret compartment. Inside the compartment you’ll find the safe but you need three keys to open it. Once of the Keys is here on a desk so you should have 2 Keys by now.


Head to the map marker near to the Putrid Grove and you’ll find Walter banging on a door. Two Witch Hunters will approach and attack him. Fend off the Witch Hunters and Walter will give you the final Key.

Head back to Fritz’s House and use the Keys to open the safe. This completes the quest.

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