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From SAVE Room (1) head to the left to what appears to be a boss room (2). Elsenova will be there and you’ll have a chat.

Jump, teleport up, drone, teleport and grapple to grab the ledge above.

Drone onto the small ledge and climb up. Take the exit to the right (3). In this room jump, teleport up and drone up to land on one of the ledges. To the top right you’ll find the Turbine Pulse weapon (4).

Head back to Elsenova and drop down the passage just before the left exit. Follow it around with the drone to the Health Node Fragment 5/5.

Take the exit to the left and then climb up the room to the entrance to Mar-Uru (5).


Make your way to the left, top right and then top left for SAVE Room (1). Head back to the right and take the bottom right exit.

Drop down, dash through the rocks to the other side and climb up the room. The laser enemies can be quite troublesome. I like using the FlameThrower against them.

Take the exit at the top to the left. You’ll be in a boss fight (2) with the Sentinel.

Sentinel Boss Fight

The Sentinel boss is a large machine that blocks further passage upwards. It shoots a large laser downwards. I found the easiest weapon to use was the FlameThrower. Try to jump or dodge out of the way of the smaller projectiles.

After the battle continue your climb up to the top of the room by throwing the drone upwards and teleporting. Take the exit at the top left. In the top left corner of the room you’ll find a Health Node (3).

Take the exit to the right you’ll want to corrupt the drone using the Address Disruptor. Then lure it over to the right side.

These drones when corrupted will follow you to the next room at the place you left them in the previous room. It should appear in the empty space on the right side.

The drone will fly over, hit the button and remove the four lasers. Go through and grab the Power Node Fragment 5/6 (4).

Dash through the floor below and you’ll find the Proverb (5). Then dash through the purple blocks to the right and you’ll find Power Node Fragment 6/6 behind them.

Exit the room and continue your climb upwards. In the room above take the exit to the left for SAVE Room (6). Then take the exit to the right and dash through the rocks on the ground. Behind them you’ll find a Size Node (7).

You can safely take out all the drones from here with the FlameThrower. Then take the exit to the right.

Climb up the room and take the exit to the top left. You’ll find another boss (8) but this one you don’t need to fight.

Xedur Hul Boss Fight

This boss is similar to the Xedur boss but it’s much more difficult. Xedul Hul is far more aggressive and has faster attacks. There are no platforms that you can use to hide behind.

I recommend running from this boss as your first strategy. If you really want to fight then you’ll need to use the Red Coat to teleport back and forth as you dodge the attacks. The Kilver or FlameThrower can damage Xedur behind the armor so they’re both good weapons to use.

Head to the left and dash through the wall on the left side. You’ll find Trace (9) on the other side.

The second last pickup for the game can be found by taking the left exit. You’ll see a drone behind a field of 4 lasers.

Use the Address Disruptor on it and you’ll control it. Take it to the top and use it to shoot the button and turn off the lasers. Take the exit to the bottom right. In the next room you’ll find the Reverse Slicer (10).

Retrace your steps and take the exit above to the tall room. Make your way up until you see a small gap on the left side. Send your drone through and around to find the Letter (11).

Climb up to the top and exit to the top left for SAVE Room (12) before the final boss.

To reach the final boss you’ll need to dash through the groups of lasers. They don’t do any damage when you bump into them. Take the exit above to the boss (13).

Athetos Boss Fight

For the Athetos boss I use the Ion Beam or the Inertial Pulse. The Ion Beam does continual damage to anything in its way and the Inertial Pulse will travel through enemies. When the three drones, called Donaughts, are released use the Address Bomb to disrupt them and their lasers won’t damage you.

Fire upwards or at an angle to hit the Breach Attractor at the top. Once it’s taken enough damage Elsenova will appear to fire at the battle arena. After three rounds of this Athetos will be defeated and you’ll complete the game!

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